Dean of the Faculty of Screen, Technology & Performance

Formerly employed by international games developer and publisher Square-Enix and credited on several of their high-profile titles including the award winning Final Fantasy XII, Doug made the move into higher education from the games industry just as games design courses were being founded, and has contributed to games being taken seriously by academia.
He holds a BA in English from Oxford University, and an MA and PhD in Digital Games from Brunel University. Having previously built up and led a leading games design university course at Brunel, Doug was attracted to the Falmouth approach to games development by its focus on entrepreneurship, teamwork and view of games as an art form.  
Fascinated by games of all kinds, from board games to text adventures to AAA titles, Doug has always seen games as a medium with the most immense potential for reshaping how we engage with stories and messages. He has published work on games and franchise adaptation, MMO-RPG design and game analysis, as well as contributing to consultations on game content regulation with the UK government. He has a wealth of experience teaching theory courses that complement and synergise with games design learning. His current project is a book on how 'suspension of disbelief' can be seen to be working in games, focusing on the Metal Gear Solid series. With numerous connections in the games industry and games academia, Doug's focus is on developing the Games courses at Falmouth towards a distinctive and effective programme of study, and helping unlock Cornwall's potential as a hub for indie game development. 


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Contact details

Telephone 01326 259266



Year Qualification Awarding body
2012 PhD Digital Games Brunel University
2007 MA Digital Games Theory & Design Brunel University
2005 BA English Oxford University

Research Interests

Research Topics

  • Digital Games Design
  • Digital Games theory
  • Narrative in games
  • Suspension of Disbelief
  • Games and Storytelling
  • Games and Adaptation
  • Media convergence and Transmedia Storytelling

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

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  • Brown, Douglas

    (2012), Game-Playing-Role, (Submitted)

Research Students

Research degrees examined

I have examined one PhD student at Brunel University. 

Number of research degree examinations



Areas of teaching

  • Games Design
  • Games Theory
  • Game Writing

Courses taught

  • BA(Hons) Digital Games
  • MA Digital Games