Film Graduate Lands Dream Job Working with Aliens

13 February 2019

Lily Woodcock - Floogals Story
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Getting a dream job fresh out of university is what many graduates hope for. Lily Woodcock, 2018 graduate from MA Film and Television and BA(Hons) Film, has done just that.

Shortly after Lily graduated in June, she joined the production company Nevision. She’s working as a Production Assistant on NBC Universal and Channel 5’s children’s TV series, Floogals. The show is animated by the BAFTA and Emmy award winning VFX and Animation House, Jellyfish Pictures. Aimed at pre-schoolers, the show is live action with animation.

Lily explained the process: “The programme is shot live action and the Floogals are animated on top of the backplates, interacting with our world.”

The Floogals are tiny animated aliens that have come to visit Earth, where they spend their time examining everyday objects and learning from the behaviours and habits of humans.

Lily told us: “It’s very cute and an amazing experience on my part, as I get to work on both sides of the production – the live action world that I am so comfortable with and then the animated side of things, most of which is new to me! I’m hugely lucky to be working on such a unique show.” 

One of Lily’s main responsibilities lies with the Voice Records, working with the three lead voice artists in the studio. They play the little alien characters: Fleeker, Flo and Boomer. 

Lily has also been involved in a project initiated by the Creative Diversity Network, which involves coordinating with Floogals’ UK Broadcasters. Lily explained that, during her time studying Film at Falmouth, “the equality and diversity lectures heightened my senses and have been hugely beneficial to this new responsibility I’ve found myself with!” 

The Film BA(Hons) teaches students to become critically-aware professionals in the booming film industry. Students become fluent in cinema’s social, economic and political aspects, as well as the art, craft and business of cinematic storytelling. 

Lily added: “Proper adult life has reminded me that not everyone is so lucky to have been surrounded by influencers who consider it to be such a crucial element of our work.” 

Floogals is available to stream on My5 and Netflix. It originally premiered in the U.S. in January 2016 on Sprout (now known as Universal Kids), a specialty television channel owned by NBC Universal.

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