Falmouth student triumphs at EIZO UK Student Awards

29 September 2023

Hannah Mittelstaedt student work
Hannah Mittelstaedt student work

Photo credit: Hannah Mittelstaedt

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Commercial Photography BA(Hons) student Hannah Mittelstaedt has won the Still Image (Movement) category at the prestigious EIZO UK Student Awards.  

The EIZO UK Student Awards provide a platform for students to display their artistic prowess, gain practical experience by working on professional briefs and offer the chance to win an EIZO ColorEdge CG2700S monitor. With a panel of judges consisting of creative experts from various fields, the competition is a proving ground for burgeoning talent. 

Hannah's entry in the Still Image (Movement) category captured the attention of the judges. The panel for this category included photography luminaries Damien Demolder, Clive Booth and Marc Aspland. These awards have consistently showcased the exceptional level of work produced by young creatives year after year. 

The EIZO UK Student Awards culminated in an exhibition and awards ceremony, where the finalists' work was showcased, and the winners in each category were revealed.  

Speaking to us about her winning entry, Hannah said: “This photo is about being stuck in time and unable to move forward for any one of the myriads of reasons we’re often immobilized. It could be due to an illness, the loss of a loved one, the desire for a change in our lives but without the ability to see just how we might change our direction.  

“To illustrate this intangible subject matter, I brought bed parts to a beach with a wagon and assembled them. As beachgoers walked by, I took long exposures of them, which I combined into a final image with my stationary model. The movement of the passersby represented the concept of being stuck in time as the world continues to rush by around us, with a seemingly limitless horizon of possibilities in the background of open water.   

“Participating in competitions like this pushes me to improve my photography skills. As well as increasing my visibility as a photographer and leading to my work being seen by a broader audience. It builds confidence to receive recognition for my work from industry professionals.” 

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