Behind the scenes on a BMW photo shoot with student Hannah Mittelstaedt

23 May 2024

Commercial Photography - Hannah Mittelstaedt

Commercial Photography BA student, Hannah Mittelstaedt, chats to us about what it’s like taking on a micro internship with Ocean BMW. To find out more about paid opportunities while studying at Falmouth, you can speak with our Employability Team.   

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm a second year Commercial Photography student.  

I got the [photography opportunity with BMW] through the University. They were doing a micro internship programme, so I had an interview with the company Ocean BMW – and I got paid for it, which was nice! 

[So BMW] basically brought the car here and let me do what I wanted with it.  

With my images, I use photography to collect many different elements, then combine into one image. 

 So I might have five or six images and put them all in Photoshop, combing them together to create a completely new image that you couldn't get in one shoot alone  

The editing process is where it all comes together and it’s a bit more like painting than photography.  

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