“An unparalleled opportunity” – Students sharpen their skills with LEAP

15 July 2021

Students and recents graduates pitching their ideas at LEAP Summer School
LEAP Summer School Students
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Falmouth students and recent graduates pitched their work to some of the biggest brands in the world, at LEAP Summer School. 

As part of Falmouth University’s RealWORKS employability service, LEAP Summer School was designed to help kickstart graduate careers. 

LEAP partnered with brands such as Lloyds Banking Group, Sky, Depop and the NHS, who gave the students three days to solve a ‘real problem’ as set out in their company briefs.  

Lloyds asked students to consider how people can have a better relationship with their finance in 2021 and beyond, with the NHS asking for students to identify some of the determinants for health inequalities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

The positive experiences of the students were reflected in their feedback to the event. Final year student Theo told us that he’d “never encountered anything so business-orientated and market-focused before… the chance to work with Depop was an unparalleled opportunity. 

“I really enjoyed the chance to re-learn how to present and market ideas and concepts, as well as more basic things like putting together a PowerPoint and talking in front of a hypothetical client, which isn’t something I would have had chance to practise like this otherwise.  

“I feel a lot more comfortable in my ability to conduct myself as a self-employed individual and proceed with my illustration business now.”  

I will be taking the skills that I have learnt and the experience of pitching with me throughout my career.

BA(Hons) Popular Music student Sadie was also full of praise for the programme. As Sadie told us, “Before the LEAP programme I lacked skills in backing up my ideas, always doubted myself and wasn’t confident at speaking clearly. However, throughout this programme I was able to focus on building those skills through a ‘Wellbeing and Confidence Booster Day’, through group sessions and talks from RealWORKS. 

“After pitching in front of two employees from Lloyds Bank, we gained insightful and genuine feedback from them. They were intrigued by how in-depth our pitches were. 

“After this programme, I have discovered that I am strategic, confident in presentations and an emotive thinker. This is all from being involved in the LEAP programme and building my confidence in securing a job. I will be taking the skills that I have learnt and the experience of pitching with me throughout my career.” 

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