AMATA’s Live from Studio K sessions are back

15 February 2022

Live from Studio K: Rayne

Rayne is an all female band whose songs focus on female empowerment while exploring the darker sides of what it is to be a woman. They wish to bring elements of relatability and comfort to our audiences through their intricate lyrics, binding harmonies and melodies. 

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Live from Studio K kicks off its spring line-up with three-piece band Rayne, comprised of Popular Music students Beau Bennet, Mia Nicholls and Zoe Alexandra.


Live from Studio K gives music students at Falmouth a platform to perform their work to a live audience every Friday afternoon. Performances are also live streamed across AMATA’s Vimeo channel.

Students work with lighting technicians, sound engineers and broadcast engineers to curate their gigs, giving them the opportunity to create and perform professional performances in a supportive environment.

In this latest edition, student group Rayne chose to disassemble itself, with each member of the band performing as a solo artist before coming back together on stage to close their set as a group.

First to take the stage was Beau Bennet. The singer songwriter draws her influences from the likes of Holly Humberstone and Joni Mitchell, and she showed off some intricate vocals and acoustic guitar playing in the session’s opening track.

Beau’s performance was followed by Mia Nicholls, who performed a heartfelt rendition of her track The Alps to a backdrop of elegant electric-acoustic melodies.

And the final solo act of the session came from Zoe Alexandra, whose powerful voice filled Studio K with a compelling delivery of her song Where Did You Go?

Beau and Mia then joined Zoe on stage as the three individuals returned to perform as Rayne, with the band smashing out three tracks to close the set.

The musicians displayed their versatility during the group’s setlist, with Zoe hopping on the drums for the final track and Beau taking her place on the piano.


Solo artists:
Beau Bennet, (unnamed), 14.28 – 18.10
Mia Nicholls, The Alps, 18.15 – 22.17
Zoe Alexandra, Where Did You Go?, 22.25 – 27.30

Deep Ocean Blue, 27.30 – 31.59
Palette, 32.02 – 36.15
I See, 36.20 – 41.10

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