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02 June 2023

Courtyard at Tuke House halls of residence
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This article was written by Illustration BA(Hons) student Sage, who shares her experience of living at Tuke House.

If you're wondering what it's like to live in the Tuke House accommodation at Falmouth University, I'm here to help!

The main reason I chose to live in Tuke House is because it's in the middle of Falmouth! Next door to the left there's Wetherspoons (which has just been refurbished and, hot tip, it's great for doing uni work, as they have infinite hot drinks for £1.45).

There's select convenience opposite, some cafes, a couple of charity shops (Salvation Army is the cheapest and my favourite) and a short walk further to the left is the Moor, where you'll find a couple of restaurants and different markets (I personally love the clothes stall).

Further down you'll find Tesco and then you're on the main high street! It's also about a 20-minute walk to sandy Gylly Beach (where there's a cafe and Co-op) and only a little bit further to the more rock-pooly Castle Beach. It's also only a 15-minute walk to uni.

Luckily moving in wasn't too hard, there are some steps to walk but it wasn't too bad, and I settled in really quickly! It definitely helped that Tuke has a really social courtyard at Freshers, so its a great way of meeting people. The idea of moving in was definitely stressful but it really isn't too bad once you've done it, so, although it's much easier said than done, try not to stress yourself out too much!

It has a bit more of a community feel than other accommodations I've visited and it's closer to the clubs. So, if you're more social then Tuke could be a good option for you.

I have four flatmates which isn't too many, people all cook at different times, so the kitchen isn't too busy. One of my flatmates has ended up being a close friend that I'm going to live with in my house next year!

We all have a fairly small en-suite room with a single bed, built in wardrobe, a good amount of storage and desk with drawers. The room sizes and flat layouts do vary a bit depending on the block. There are also more accessible rooms, which are larger if that's something you need! 

The courtyard in the middle has a few benches for socialising and parties. There's an office, where you can pick up your post (between 1pm and 5pm on weekdays) or ask any questions or request maintenance.

Tuke itself isn't the most luxurious accommodation option, it's a bit older than other accommodations and it's a bit loud at times, but it's cheaper and in my opinion the convenience of the location makes it more than worth it. It also has a bit more of a community feel than other accommodations I've visited, I met a lot of people at courtyard parties at the beginning of the year and it's closer to clubs etc. So, if you're more social then Tuke could be a good option for you.

So, in terms of whether you want to choose to stay in Tuke, I'd say it's a matter of whether you mind living somewhere less new and luxurious compared to other options for the sake of location, social life and finances. If, like me, you want to be in the middle of Falmouth then Tuke could be a good place for you to choose!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions! ?

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