Joining clubs and societies at Falmouth

22 February 2024

A view of Swanpool Beach framed by trees
Swanpool beach framed by trees
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This article was written by Graphic Design BA(Hons) student Daisy.

There are so many different activities to get involved in, here in Falmouth! Don’t let the fact that it’s a small town make you think that there's not much going on.

There is a wide range of university societies available to join, from yoga to gardening to rock climbing! These can be a great way to make new friends when you start at university and get involved with something outside of your course. In the first week there is a Freshers Fayre, where the different societies set up stalls for you to explore and find something you're interested in, which is super fun and a great way to find out what's available. You can also join in with taster events and sessions to help you find out if you would enjoy the society before you join. My friends and I did loads of these in my first year - it is a really great thing to do!

I would say one of the greatest things about Falmouth is that you are so close to the beach (only a 15-minute walk from Falmouth Town!) and there are so many university societies which make use of this, like surfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and sea swimming, I would definitely recommend making the most of this during your time at Falmouth!

Societies also host events during the year, which you can join and are great fun, for example the surf society did a 'Surf's Up' event, where everyone dressed up in beachwear and went clubbing, so it's just a really great thing to get involved in and make new friends.

A lot of people say one of their biggest regrets in their third year is not joining more societies at the start of uni, so I would strongly advise you to get involved, if this is something you think you’d enjoy :)

There are also loads of other fun things you can do in Falmouth that aren’t to do with societies! For example, my friends and I go pottery-painting in a place called ‘Starglazers’, which is a really nice activity. There's also The Phoenix cinema and The Poly, which hosts more independent indie films and productions. I would suggest looking around the galleries in Falmouth, like Morgans and Sailors Jail, which exhibits a lot of student work (so if you're artsy, you could get your art displayed there, which is an amazing opportunity!).

Student life in Falmouth is quite different to other universities. There is a much more relaxed environment, which I personally love. There is more of a cafe and pub culture compared to clubs (although there are clubs like Mangos, Kings and Toast if you do want to go clubbing). One place I go to is called Games Room, where there are pool tables, table tennis and as many board games as you can imagine, which is really fun. There are many others too, with some of my favourites being Boathouse, Fives and also Chintz, which is a bar that holds loads of different events like Jazz and Vinyl nights. They’ve also just opened a ‘secret’ video games room in a cupboard outside, which is really cool (definitely try and find that if you do come to Falmouth!).

As I said before, one of the best parts about being in Falmouth is being so close to the beach, it's so great for your mental health to have a place you can relax and be separate from your studies and, especially during summer, almost everyone goes to the beach most days after uni or during lunch breaks (if you’re on the Falmouth Campus), which is great and a unique part of uni life compared to other places. I would suggest investing in a wetsuit if you can when moving to Falmouth, as it's great to also go swimming in the colder months as well as summer and this makes it much easier (I learned this the hard way haha!).

I hope this is helpful in explaining a bit about life in Falmouth and I hope you do end up choosing to come here! It was a really great choice of uni for me and I'm sure it will be for you too!

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