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Experience Falmouth Pride through the lens of Ben, a Film BA(Hons) student, as he captures the essence of pride in all its dazzling glory. Here, Ben writes up his reflections of the day.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pride in Cornwall! 

Cornwall Pride says: "Falmouth Pride is set to be a beacon of the celebratory spirit and unity on this historic 50th Pride Day in Cornwall."

A young girl in a Tesco Express store faced an onslaught on X/twitter for wearing a Pride-themed T-shirt that reads ‘Sisters not Cisters’. Hate online is not uncommon and that is why we need Pride! So, individuals can be themselves and wear whatever they want without fear of criticism or attack!

Cornwall Pride has said: "This event will weave the values of love, acceptance, and support throughout the town's fabric, an unforgettable day of advocacy and inspiration." 

According to the event organisers, this is the largest Pride flag in the UK! It was over 50ft long and was carried by over 100 people! When we arrived at the event, people were able to go under the flag! 

Cornwall Pride has said the event is intended to “create a hate free Cornwall”.

There are 11 pride events held over Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly throughout the year, Falmouth is only the first! So if you missed Pride at Falmouth, don’t worry, there are plenty more Pride events coming soon… 

The event was hosted by several Drag Kings and Queens. They sang and danced and told jokes. Vicki Vivacious from Ru Pauls Drag Race took to the stage, and shared her love of Cornwall, pasties and why Pride is so important!

Falmouth Pride

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