Top 5 reasons to study a photography degree online

10 August 2023

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Online photography student
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Photography is one of the most influential forms of visual communication. Over its almost 200-year evolution its technological advancements have been rapid, and it remains a fast-changing industry with the power to instigate social, ethical and sustainable change.    

When considering studying photography at university, one of the first images that springs to mind is of students in studios and dark rooms on traditional on-campus photography courses. However, this is only part of the story. There are many ways to engage with and practice photography, including studying Photography BA(Hons) (Online) at Falmouth.  

Here are five reasons why choosing to study photography online can help you to nurture your technical prowess, as well as give you the ability to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing demands of the visual storytelling landscape.

Join a global community of conscious creatives  

Because online learning transcends geographical limitations, Falmouth’s online community is made up of creatives from all over the world. As a member of this community, you have the potential to forge partnerships and collaborations with peers, academics and tutors from across the globe.  

Another exciting facet is how the course draws on staff and students’ roots to their own places and communities; this co-creation enlivens and enriches the course experience and helps to create those global networks – something that is more common at postgraduate level, but unique for an undergraduate degree.  

Creating for good is also firmly at the course’s core, which will impact positively across your personal, commercial and commissioned projects.

Become an agile and future-focused visual storyteller 

Photography is a fast-paced and evolving industry, and as the world becomes increasingly digital, studying photography online will not only help to hone your creativity but also foster essential technological skills.  

The online mode of study encourages experimentation and exploration, allowing you to learn and apply new techniques quickly. Additionally, as the digital realm continuously introduces new tools and platforms, online study can help you to keep your finger on the pulse of these developments, enabling you to leverage the latest technologies to enhance your storytelling prowess. 

The online student community serves as a hub for diverse perspectives and global trends, fostering a forward-thinking mindset. Engaging with fellow learners from around the world exposes you to different cultural narratives and artistic viewpoints, broadening your horizons as a storyteller. 

Studying photography online also promotes adaptability: a crucial trait for future success. As the ways we consume visual content change - from traditional media to social platforms and virtual reality - online study equips you to navigate these shifts and tailor your storytelling techniques accordingly.  

Define your own photographic practice 

Whether you already have specific areas of interest or are looking to define your unique creative voice as a photographer, studying online can help you to explore and define your practice. Here at Falmouth, we offer a range of specialist on-campus photography degrees – from Commercial Photography to Marine & Natural History Photography – and the online undergraduate course brings all those strands together, allowing for broad experimentation in your own time and space. 

By exploring all the different ways to think about and practise photography through a future-focused lens, you will evolve and refine a specialist body of creative, innovative work and identify future career pathways in the creative industries. The online environment also encourages vital collaboration and critique, helping you to refine your practice through constructive feedback and discussions. 

Work and study flexibly

Online study can be a good option for those who want to balance studying with their current work commitments. Whether you’re looking to forge ahead in your career or switch industries, the flexibility of online study means you can access course materials, lectures, and assignments whenever it's convenient for you. This flexibility enables you to fit your studies around your work hours or other responsibilities. Working while studying also enables you to maintain an income, as well as applying the skills you develop – whether that be technical, entrepreneurial or creative – directly to your work.  

Gain your qualification sooner  

If you're looking to fast-track your entry into the creative industries, then studying online could be for you. All of Falmouth’s online undergraduate degrees – including Photography BA(Hons) (Online) - are accelerated, which takes a traditional three-year undergraduate degree and condenses the modules into a shorter timeframe. This means you benefit from the same level of education and qualification as a ‘standard’ degree, but within a shorter time so you can progress faster and be ready to join the workplace in only two years if you study full-time.  

Accelerated degrees may also provide financial benefits, as the condensed study can result in lower total tuition costs, reduced living expenses, and a faster transition from being a student to earning a full-time salary, entering the job market or seeking career advancement opportunities earlier than your peers who are pursuing traditional degrees. 

Studying an accelerated degree may also help you to stand out to future employers by demonstrating your ability to manage multiple commitments, perform under stricter time pressures and handle a rigorous schedule.

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