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A group of second year Photography students were planning their exhibition at a venue in Falmouth. When lockdown struck they came up with an alternative way to show their work and to support the local community at the same time.

The online exhibition website ASOB.uk includes a shop to buy prints. Profits will fund a future exhibition and a donation from each print sale will go to a local charity, Falmouth Food Co-op Kitchen, who provide hot food for individuals/families that have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

We spoke with Isaiah Cheng Jun Sen, one of the students involved, to find out more about the exhibition and their fundraising:

A Sense of Being: Disjointed. Transient. Incomplete. is an online exhibition showcasing VOID collective - a group of artists from the BA photography undergraduate course at Falmouth University. The show explores the meaning of being human and the experience of living over a range of mediums and contexts. Mostly emphasising the experience of art, now translated into a virtual space.

Originally A Sense of Being was set to be a physical show. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as galleries closed nationally, this became impossible. We saw an opportunity, and instead of leaving the building blocks of our show there, we moved online. 

The exhibition had been realised by a large team of contributors spanning from curation to fundraising department. Every individual involved has worked towards an exhibition, physical and virtual, to showcase the eclectic talents of the Void Collective.

It was always our intention to engage with the local community of Falmouth through art, seeking to support local businesses during the run of our exhibition and carry out a week of workshops for families or schools throughout our opening. As a result of the Coronavirus crisis, we have decided to shift how we can support our local community; choosing to donate to Falmouth Food Co-op Kitchen through the sale of prints from our online exhibition.

Senior Lecturer Dinu Li said, “It is amazing seeing the resilience and 'can do' attitude of the students despite setbacks created by Covid-19. I can't wait to see the exhibition online and have my fingers crossed their profiles will be recognised far and wide. And well done to them for caring about and supporting those most vulnerable in the Falmouth community.”

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