Students level up at the Global Game Jam 2022

10 February 2022

Falmouth Games Jam 2022
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Games Academy students co-created games with gamers worldwide as part of the 2022 Global Game Jam.

Falmouth’s Games Academy operated as a host site for the 2022 Global Game Jam, which gave students a space to brainstorm ideas with their peers, as well as the facilities needed to create their work. 

The Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game creation event and takes place at locations around the world. The weekend stirs a global creative buzz in games, while at the same time giving students the chance to explore the process of developing a game through a live brief; programming, iterative design, narrative exploration and artistic expression must all be considered as students race to create their titles.

Participants worked in teams to create unique games, with students only learning the secret theme on Friday evening. It gave the students less than three days to consider the theme (Duality), conceptualize and deliver their work before returning on Sunday evening to view each other’s games.

Dr Jamie White, Course Leader for MA Indie Game Development (Online) at Falmouth, was thrilled to see the creative spirit of his students in action. 

The 2022 Game Jam gave Jamie’s students the chance to meet each other in-person for the first time, with some of his students even travelling from overseas to attend the three-day event.

“The Game Jam is a fantastic way to bring everyone together”, Jamie told us. “I’m absolutely inspired by the students here at the Games Academy and everything that they’re doing right now to demonstrate their creativity in times of great challenge.

“On a personal and professional level, this is a way for them to boost their portfolios, as well as meet new people – and in the case of my students – to meet their course mates for the first time.” 

One of Jamie’s students, Juan, travelled down to Falmouth from his home in Cheltenham to collaborate with his course mates and make new connections with students studying other Games Academy courses.

Juan told us, “I love getting together with people to jam and bounce ideas off each other. It's good to force a bit of collaboration upon yourself every now and then with complete strangers. You learn more about yourself, you meet new people, and it might lead to future working relationships.” 

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