Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 – Students cross continents in the name of collaboration

07 November 2022

Peer to Peer
Peer to Peer 5
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Falmouth’s BA Fine Art students have concluded the Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 Symposium; a festival promoting cultural and practice exchange between visual arts organisations in the UK and Hong Kong.  

In a feat of true cross-continent collaboration, students organised and facilitated workshops in everything from origami to meditation to dance to poetry, drawing inspiration from exchanges and demonstrations with staff and students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  

Seeing our students and fellow students from Hong Kong working so positively and openly together has been a joy.

Curated and shaped with some Curated and shaped with Newlyn Art Gallery and artists Tang Kwok-Hin and Emma Saffy Wilson the festival encouraged collaboration, sharing, learning and discussion. The final project was a student-led workshop with collaborative drawing, writing and meditative exercises.  

Bronwen Buckeridge, Lecturer for BA Fine Art, said; “Seeing our students and fellow students from Hong Kong working so positively and openly together has been a joy. We aim to embed professional practice, collaboration and self-organisation into the curriculum, and the students have absolutely flourished.”  

“It’s so important to ensure students get experiences outside of campus; that they can work with local organisations and become part of the creative community. An event like this – and with partners such as Newlyn Art Gallery – just shows how much can be achieved with real-world learning.” 

You can see the outcomes from the Peer to Peer: UK/HK series on the website:  

Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 was organised by Open Eye Gallery and University of Salford Art Collection with support from Arts Council England 

About Peer to Peer: UK/HK 

Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 has been developed by Sarah Fisher, Open Eye Gallery and Lindsay Taylor, University of Salford Art Collection, with contributions from Ying Kwok, independent curator, Hong Kong and support from the Arts Council England. 

It is a UK/Hong Kong bilateral arts exchange programme that encourages creativity and hopes to build lasting partnerships and legacy through the use of visual arts as a medium. 

Of key importance in Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 is the distributed leadership model where partners have worked together for mutual benefit; each creative process has emerged through discussion, exploration and learning about each other. 

Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 contemplates how the visual arts sector can continue to be outward facing and international whilst considering the future of our planet and the need to reduce our impact on it. Building on learning from the Covid pandemic, none of the participants has travelled to the UK or Hong Kong. A series of online webinars and discussions have enabled nine very different partnerships to form but each with a shared commitment to supporting emerging artists to develop their international networks and profile. 

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