Netflix screens lecturer’s adventure documentary

14 January 2022

Chris and Niall Lucas overlayed on mountains
Yukon Duo
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Netflix is now streaming The Yukon Assignment, an epic father-son adventure documentary produced by Falmouth University Television lecturer Charlie Fripp.

The Yukon Assignment is an ode to adventure. While the primary objective of the film was for professional explorer Chris Lucas to get closer to his father Niall, they both hope that their journey can inspire others to carve out some time in 2022 for an adventure of their own.

On their unsupported journey, the pair encounter grizzly bears, icy Canadian waters and gorgeous landscapes as they attempt to navigate 500 miles of the Yukon River. All their experiences were captured by explorer Chris, who documented their journey.  

After the pair returned from their escapade, Charlie had to try and make sense of the abundance of footage that Chris presented to her. Fortunately, she was able to call upon a network of local support to help.

As Charlie explains in an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall, “Falmouth University have been brilliant - we had a lot of help from colleagues who worked on audio and editing.

“It’s been a real feel-good story, and it’s so nice to get it out there.” 

Charlie believes that the experience of working on the documentary has significantly strengthened the courses at Falmouth’s School of Film and Television.

“It’s been brilliant to use the many lessons from making the film in our first-year documentary module, ‘Origin’. It’s been inspiring to see our students create their own stories, many of which screened at Cornwall Film Festival this year.”

The Yukon Assignment’s film making team are now collaborating on their next project, which take viewers on a new adventure, while Falmouth’s Mark Jenkin (Bait) is due to release the follow up to his BAFTA winning film in 2022. 

Watch the Yukon Assignment on Netflix.

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