Falmouth film talent will be showcased at the Cornwall Film Festival

18 November 2021

Students man cameras and lighting equipment on the set of Origin

Students and graduates from Falmouth’s School of Film & Television will have their work screened at the twentieth annual Cornwall Film Festival.  

The Cornwall Film Festival, which is celebrating its twentieth year, provides opportunities for aspiring and professional filmmakers alike to have their work viewed on the big screen. 

This year, students and graduates from Falmouth’s School of Film & Television will have their work screened alongside the likes of Kristen Stewart in Spencer and Noomi Rapace in the highly anticipated folk horror Lamb. 

During the pandemic, first year film and television students shot Origin, a collection of two-minute films. The films are set to take festival goers on an invigorating journey, with fascinating stories from Cornwall and beyond.   

MA Art and Environment graduate Bryony Stokes is also being featured at the festival for her documentary series Cornwall Climate Stories.

Bryony’s series examines various themes around climate change in Cornwall. The filmmaker aims to attract disengaged audiences and spark community conversations and positive climate action. Her films include the stories of Cornish locals experiencing the impacts of climate change, and their ingenious and creative solutions to help tackle it.  

The series is told in three parts, through the eyes of three different individuals. Beach cleaner Claire Wallerstein explores how climate change is impacting Cornwall’s marine environment, local fisherman Ben Church talks about the impact on Cornwall’s fishing industry, and an ultra-runner who travels the Cornish coast path bears witness to the impacts of coastal erosion.  

Dr Neil Fox, Associate Professor in Film, believes that the festival can help kickstart the careers of his ambitious students.  

“It’s fantastic to see students and graduates from the School of Film and Television playing an active role in the Cornish Film Festival”, Neil told us. “Seeing your work on the big screen is an incredible moment for any filmmaker; I hope this experience demonstrates to the students that screening their work is entirely possible. 

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