Money saving tips: Working while you study

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Working alongside your studies
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Thinking about working while you study? Here are some tips for finding a part-time job that will work around your student life.

1. Polish your application

Regardless of the type of job you're applying for, you'll need a CV that makes you stand out among other applicants. 

💡 Try out the CV Builder Tool 

💡 Check out this guide to writing the perfect CV

💡 Get support from Falmouth University's Employability service

2. Look for jobs in the right places

There are loads of online job boards and websites that advertise part-time and seasonal work for students. 

💡 Sign up to Handshake for student jobs, internships and recruitment events 

💡 Stay tuned to the student newsletter and social media for opportunities on campus 

💡 Stop and look at noticeboards in cafes and shops  

3. Don't overcommit to shifts

Take some time to consider how much time you're able to put in before making any commitments. It's hard to go back once you've given your word, so don't rush this decision. Most employers are mindful and respectful of the fact you're a student and will try and accommodate the times you need to be on campus or in the run-up to assessments. However, it's still worth having that conversation early so they can schedule rotas and workload accordingly. 

4. Know when crunch time will hit

Being organised is the key to avoiding any nasty surprises (a.k.a. deadlines). This is essential when you're studying full-time and working part-time. Make sure you know all the important dates coming up in your course (and social) calendar. Highlight any assessment deadlines and dates so you can see your busy periods and plan in advance. 

5. Consider getting a job over the summer or working seasonally

Getting a summer job is a great idea and will help you build up some savings for term time. If you're staying in Cornwall too, there are plenty of seasonal jobs going around! 

💡 Check out Save The Students' guide to the best summer jobs for students 

6. Look for zero hours work that you can fit around your studies

Zero hours contracts are ideal for people looking for flexibility and can give you lots of varied experience. However, it's important to note that you're not always guaranteed work and your pay could vary from week to week. 

💡 Apply to become a Student Ambassador

7. Get enough rest

When you're juggling coursework, 9am lectures, a part-time job and a social life, it's easy to let sleep run away with you. Getting the recommended eight hours a night of shut-eye is vital. 

💡 If you're currently studying with us, check out the Wellbeing Hub on the Student App for tips on getting a good night's sleep 

8. Talk to us if you're struggling

If you're finding it hard to maintain a good work-life-uni balance, we want to help as much as possible. As a Falmouth student, you can talk to the Employability team or, if it's affecting your wellbeing, drop in with our Student Support team

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