Money saving tips: Travel

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Whether you're getting around by train, car, bus or bike, here are our top tips for saving on travel costs. 


Train travel 🚄

  • Book as early as possible: You can usually buy tickets up to 12 weeks before the date of travel. The price will usually go up the later you leave it. 
  • Get a railcard: Available for all 18-25-year-olds and mature students in full-time education, a student railcard could save you up to a third on fares. Some student bank accounts include a free railcard. 
  • Be flexible: Booking tickets for off-peak times can be a real money-saver. Most train companies have off-peak and super-off-peak options. Generally, you’ll get the cheapest fares between 10am and 3.30pm and after 7.15pm. 
  • Split your tickets without changing: Raileasy has a handy split ticketing search tool that calculates the cheapest route and does the hard work for you.   

Bus and coach travel 🚌

  • Opt for ticket bundles rather than individual fares: You can make big savings by bus by downloading the First app and buying ticket bundles and getting tickets in advance. There’s also an under 19's ticket fare, so be sure to request this - you can get a return between Penryn and Falmouth for an affordable rate. 
  • Buy a Young Persons Coach Card: This offers a third off National Express coach fares for those aged 16-26. The card costs £12.50 a year or £30 for three years – a one-year card could pay for itself after just one trip.  

Car travel 🚗

  • Car share: There's a good chance you'll know somebody who lives somewhere you pass on your journey when driving to and from your university. Having an extra person on board means you can split the fuel cost, and it also gives you some company.   

Active travel 🚲

  • Make use of our e-bikes: We have a Beryl Bike network here in Falmouth and on campus. Beryl Bikes are a nationwide bike share scheme with a fleet of bikes and e-bikes, giving you an easy and green way to get around. 
  • Buy a second-hand bike: This could cost you as little as £20 but could save you hundreds of pounds in parking fares. We also have showers and changing facilities on campus, as well as secure, sheltered storage spaces, and a cycle repair tool kit (in the Fitness Centre and at Glasney Lodge on Penryn Campus). Just make sure you're safe! 

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