Money saving tips: Student life

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Student Life
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From finding affordable events to seeking out student discounts, here are some tips for making sure your social life doesn't break the bank. 


1. Set a budget for social activities each month

Determine how much you can afford to spend without compromising your other financial obligations like rent, bills, and food.

💡 Learn more about budgeting basics on our Budgeting Advice for Students page

2. Look out for free or inexpensive events

There are plenty of free or low-cost activities and event to be found on campus or in Falmouth and Penryn. Venues like The Poly, Princess Pavillion and Cornish Bank regularly hold affordable gigs, film screenings and exhibitions.    

3. Make the most of student discounts

Take advantage of student discounts whenever possible. Many restaurants, cinemas, museums, and other businesses, offer discounted rates for students. Always carry your student ID and ask about discounts before making a purchase. 

💡 Get a TOTUM membership 

💡 Get discounted tickets and food from our local cinema with a Movie Magic Card 

💡 Find all the latest deals on Save the Student 

💡 Apps from UNiDAYS, to Student Beans and VoucherCodes, also offer plenty of options 

4. Organise BYOB or potluck gatherings

Instead of going out to restaurants or bars, consider hosting potluck dinners or BYOB (bring your own beverage) gatherings at home or on the beach on a sunny day. This allows everyone to contribute something without breaking the bank. 

5. Use public transport or carshare

If you're planning to go out with friends, consider using public transport or catching a lift with someone to save on costs. 

💡 Invest in a student railcard for discounted train tickets 

💡 Help the environment and make use of Beryl Bikes 

💡 Download the First app and consider buying ticket bundles to make savings on bus travel 

6. Limit eating out

Eating out can quickly drain your budget. Limit the number of times you eat out each month or buy takeaways and instead opt for cooking simple meals at home or packing lunches when possible. There are plenty of microwaves on campus to reheat your leftovers too. 

7. Plan ahead

Plan your social activities in advance to avoid spontaneous and potentially costly outings. Create a calendar of events, like birthdays, and prioritise the ones that align with your budget. 

8. Be honest with friends

Don't feel pressured to spend beyond your means to keep up with friends who have larger budgets. Be honest about your financial situation and suggest alternative, budget-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. 

 💡 Check out the Talking with Friends About Money resource by MoneyHelper 

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