Making Waves with Karate Krab

23 May 2018

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Karate Krab
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Gorgeous visuals, a unique story and captivating gameplay. Welcome to the underwater, martial arts mayhem of Karate Krab, the brain-child of Games graduate, Ross Everson.

Ross made Karate Krab during his time at Falmouth, with a group of fellow students who have now formed a development company together. Its quirky story, fast-paced gameplay and addictive nature captured the imagination of both the public and industry experts, leading to it securing a February 2018 release date on Steam, the ultimate online gaming platform.

"The most creative people on the planet work in game design," says Ross. "The gaming industry is now bigger than the film industry and the level of interactivity in it is unparallelled.

"The idea for the game began during my first year. We knew from the start we were on the right track and the end result is the culmination of a lot of hard work. We had access to great facilities and the course leaders were amazing in helping us progress the game.


"The best games are completely immersive and, even though this is wacky and fun, it still has that quality. I think the people who build the best games are those who put a part of themselves into what they create, we've definitely done this with Karate Krab."

Ross views game design as the perfect blend of maths and art. As well as creating Karate Krab, and despite only graduating in 2017, Ross is now working as a games lecturer and was recently named the Digital Rising Star at Cornwall's EDGE Awards.

Ross freely admits to having the bug to 'create' and already has big plans in store for both Karate Krab and the next game he wants to develop.

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