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Graphic Design student Ian Walden recently received two prizes for his work.

Ian, who graduated last week, picked up a National Creative Conscience Award and an International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) Award.

The Creative Conscience Awards aim to influence real tangible change for good, encouraging creatives to become the change-makers the world needs. Students and graduates can choose to submit their own issue to tackle or work from one of the award briefs.

Ian picked up a gold award for his workshop on palm oil and recycling, which he delivered at King Charles Primary School in Falmouth.

Ian explained: "The Creative Conscience Award, is my proudest moment of all. I worked really hard on this project and have had great success with it, both as a project and as a grade towards my first.

"It was a workshop about the top ten endangered animals, talking about why they were endangered; habit loss, illegal hunting and trade; climate change and pollution. I focused on palm oil and we then ran a competition to draw one of the animals. It was then judged by a team of experts and finally we had an exhibition held at the University."

The ISTD scheme engages with universities and institutions across the globe to raise the profile of typography in design education.

Ian submitted work under the 'Lost' theme: "The ISTD brief is a typographers dream and so this was a natural entry for me. After some consideration, I chose one of my other passions, football, and the emotion when your team lose. The design is based on football playing formations, and the book layout is the exact dimensions of Old Trafford. My motivation for applying was for the recognition. The award gives me the title MISTD and I'm really proud of that."

Ian is now a member of the ISTD.

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