Business Booming for Budding Entrepreneur

23 May 2018

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Gracie Sodzi
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Second year Business Entrepreneurship student Gracie Sodzi directs her own social enterprise Graciefullymade, as well as managing two other business ventures.

Graciefullymade seeks to raise awareness about the importance of student mental wellbeing through original workshops and activities, such as the White T-Shirt campaign which promotes positive attitudes via slogans on white t-shirts.

The campaign also incorporates mentoring talks from people who have suffered with mental illness, encouraging them to share their stories with the attendees of the workshops. Gracie explained: "It's a really exciting campaign. As well as the workshops, we're also looking at setting up a blog so that these stories can reach a wider audience and benefit more people.

"We're also encouraging visitors to take part in photo shoots and design, their own t-shirts so there will be a lot going on soon! I feel that a company like Graciefullymade is in more demand than ever as this is an issue that effects a lot of university students."

Alongside Graciefullymade and her full-time course, Gracie is also in charge of operations for university hoodie brand Fal Uni Threads and is Personal Development Director for Compago Limited, running workshops for wellbeing within the workplace.

Reflecting on her ventures, Gracie stated: "Our lecturers give us lots of support with developing ideas, coaching sessions and how to advance businesses like these. We also have lots of guest speakers coming to Falmouth to teach us about sectors such as HR, accountancy and employment law.

"The Falmouth Business School allows us access to office spaces and contacts within different sectors, but it is very much up to us to organise meetings, run the day-to-day and make money. All of which we hope to be doing when we leave Falmouth."


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