Tom Raffield

BA(Hons) 3D Design for Sustainability* 2002-2005

Pioneering a new steam bending technique to shape wood in his third year at Falmouth, Tom then set up sixixis with two fellow graduates, winning a Laurent Perrier Design Award in 2008.

Based in Cornwall, he now runs his own award-winning lighting and furniture design company, with clients including Brad Pitt, Tommy Hilfiger and Liberty. Tom's designs can be seen all over the world - from Stockholm to Dubai, Chicago to Spain - and his work has been featured in books by Taschen, Thames & Hudson and Bloomsbury (amongst many others).

"In the second year of the course I started to experiment with different ways of manipulating and forming wood. I discovered the process of steam bending and was amazed by its potential. It seemed to be a lost art with no one pushing the process forward or doing anything new with it. After several months I developed a new way of using steam with my own design of toolings, which allowed me to create new and exciting forms out of solid wood.

"Most of what I create is based on the techniques and designs I developed at Falmouth, which have formed an integral part of my business today. The Chaise Longue no.4 was developed at Falmouth and has become my signature piece, being sold to clients throughout the world and becoming recognised as one of the most iconic designs in wood of the 21st century. Falmouth gave me the help, support and knowledge to approach design in a completely new and exciting way - as well as the skills and experience to set up my own creative enterprise straight after graduating."

*Now BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design