Tom Dymond

A 2010 graduate, Tom now works for a leading sports agency - a job he secured after an internship straight after graduation. He's their youngest staff photographer and the youngest to be accredited to shoot top-league football. Recent projects have included shooting the promotional photos for David Walliams' Comic Relief Thames River swim, as well as a host of freelance fashion and sports shoots.

"The most valuable aspect for me was the level of professional expertise the tutors brought to the course. The focus was definitely on becoming a professional photographer. I had the world-renowned music photographer Gered Mankowitz as my studio technician and mentor, and we had a huge amount of help with the professional side, teaching us the skills we needed to be successful in the industry. Within the first year we all had work from magazines and by the time we left, we had a portfolio of published, paid work.

The photography facilities at Falmouth are unbelievably top-notch, better than most of the studios I hire out in London. They have all the best equipment - from the best lights to cameras like the £25,000 Digital Hasselbald HD3, which most of us can only dream about owning. The photographers I assist now have a lot of highly specialised kit but because I had the chance to use it at Falmouth, they don't have to spend time teaching me the basics.

I wanted an editorial based course and it really fitted the bill. The student community at Falmouth is also fantastic. I met a lot of interesting people from diverse courses and backgrounds and the possibilities for collaboration were endless. It was creatively inspiring and great for making contacts."