Stephen Fothergill

BA(Hons) Journalism, 2007-2010

"The high point of the course has been my placement in Mumbai with Filmfare magazine. The chance to go to a city as teeming with life, noise and culture and to be thrown into the world of "Bollywood" glitz and glamour was not only the highpoint of the course, it was one of the highlights of my life. The only thing that could come close to this was the week I spent sailing on the Bulgarian tallship the Kaliakra. If I hadn't been a student at University College Falmouth I never would have had the opportunity to do this.

My greatest professional achievement so far has been writing an article for Filmfare magazine, which has a circulation of close to a million people. It was the first time I had ever submitted work to a professional editor and it was very satisfying to take a raw idea and refine and rewrite it until the editor, Jitesh Pillai, was happy with it.

Journalism at Falmouth is special because it is a course which pushes its students to get work experience, whilst still allowing us to explore issues such as media ethics. It is a hands-on course, taught by people who have large amounts of industry experience which benefits us as students. For example if Anne Taylor wasn't friends with Nick Brett and able to get him to come to Falmouth for guest speaker talks, I would never have been able to organise the placement to Mumbai."