Stacey Dix

BA(Hons) 3D Design for Sustainability*, 2004-2007

Stacey is design manager for Hamleys of London, working on style guides, product and packaging, print, web, branding, and retail design. She joined Hamleys straight after graduating, after winning a D&AD prize for her response to a brief set by the world-famous toy store. Hamleys created a special role for her, employing her as the first in-house designer in their 250-year history. Since then, she's launched numerous toy collections for the company, including many sustainable designs.

"Falmouth allowed me to research areas I felt passionate about, and to write my own design briefs - giving me the opportunity to discover early on my design ethos and the type of designer I wanted to grow into. Falmouth gave me the building blocks to grow as a professional designer so I am currently learning to build with these blocks!

"The course allowed me to challenge preconceptions of toy design. By studying the nature of play and gaining key insights into how children interact, explore and discover the world, I was able to produce strong sustainable design theories. It taught me the fundamentals of design and successfully directed me into my ideal career as a toy designer with one of the world's most iconic toy retailers.

"One of the most exciting moments of my career so far was watching one of my first drawings develop until it arrived on the shelf in Regent Street - the Hamleys Red Post Box Play Set in 2008. Working with the buyers to bring ideas to life, and having the opportunity to work across multi-discipline design with a prestigious and fun retailer is also really rewarding.

"I believe we should teach children from an early age the responsibility of sustainability and consumption. The only way I feel this can be achieved in an effective way is to teach them through something they respond to and respect - toys and play. Over the next few years I would like to explore the relationship between toys, commerciality and sustainability further.

"My advice to students is to work on live projects, seek internships and work experience, test your ideas thoroughly with the end user and reiterate them, work hard and network - taking time to learn from others. Focus on developing your weaknesses, rather than strengthening your strengths, to become a well-rounded designer. Know who you want to become, have a dream, and have the courage to pursue that dream."

*Now BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design