Ryan Tym

Graphic Design at Falmouth is ideas-led. No matter what area of design I chose to focus on, the principles I learned allowed me to create a well thought out concept, solving the problem I'd been tasked with. This is an approach I continue to use in my professional career.

As soon as I graduated I started working at The Brand Union in London, after successfully completing a bursary scheme offered at the University College. I've now moved to another award-winning agency, Unreal.

Falmouth's course is geared towards the industry and the tutors encouraged any opportunity to spend time in a commercial agency. They helped me arrange a number of placements in London, which helped me develop the skills I'd learned on the course as well as gaining a valuable insight into how projects run within an agency. The strong emphasis on ideas and problem solving puts the Falmouth course ahead of many others in the UK. It's highly regarded by the industry, which stands graduates in good stead, and the teaching is second to none.