Kat Edwards

"Having been a huge fan of all wildlife programmes on TV and having had a love for turtles since I was about eight, my career made in heaven would be to combine both these passions. When I saw the Marine and Natural History Photography course on the UCAS website I could barely believe my luck. The opportunity to study Marine and Natural History Photography in a location like Falmouth seemed too good to be true.

After I investigated the curriculum and the opportunities it would offer me I knew it was the course for me, so much so that when I was initially turned down I reapplied after getting my A level results. This combined with an enhanced portfolio and a determination to succeed proved a winning combination! I had already studied photography to A Level so I already knew that photography was what I wanted to do.

I was excited at the prospect of being able to make images underwater, which could lead to eventually being able to photograph turtles in their natural environment. However, my interest in natural history photography has grown into another passion as I have progressed through the course. Now I am as happy amid the reed beds of Norfolk, trying to capture a shot of the elusive Bittern, as I am in the murky depths of Falmouth bay or the enchanting world below the surface of the Red Sea. I am very happy, being greatly inspired by Sir David Attenborough!"