Hannah Pool

Hannah worked as a studio artist before becoming a freelance illustrator seven years ago. She has been published by major UK, US and Canadian greetings card manufacturers and publishers.

"I love illustration as a job and a hobby. I make enough to live on and keep the family ticking over nicely. However the time has come to give back to education and I'm going into teaching as of next year... Back to school I go!

I bagged a 2:1 in BA(Hons) Illustration and Design at Falmouth and left university in Y2K. Eventually my sister spotted the world's smallest job advert in the local rag for the UK's largest wholesale greetings card company and I got a job with them. I worked for them for a few years and learnt loads. I then got head hunted by a DM collectibles company to work as a product developer.

After meeting the man of my dreams I had children and decided to work for myself. I set up Rose Tinted Illustration and Design and the rest is history. I plan on going back to college next year for a PGCE and a bit of a career change so my job can become my hobby again.

My degree gave me the grounding and experience I needed to apply my skills in the commercial world. The commercial world then honed it - I'd like to say to perfection, but that just sounds big headed! I think life drawing is an essential class and needs to be beaten into all artists whether they are graphic designers or ceramicists. If you're going to do anything in art, you need to be able to draw a person. Full stop"