Materials Award

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Current status: Closed

Amount: £100-£400 dependent on course

Who's it for: UK and EU home fee undergraduates who started their course prior to 2020. To qualify for the Materials Award students will need to have been assessed by Student Finance as having a household income of under £25,000 in the given academic year. The award is not applicable to online, distance learners or those studying at partner institutions.

About the Materials Award

Course BandingAward Amount
Band 1: Animation (all), Architecture, Creative Advertising, Drawing,
Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Photography, Fine Art, Game Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Marine & Natural History, Photography, Press & Editorial Photography, Sportswear Design, Sustainable Product Design, Textile Design
Band 2: Acting, Music Theatre and Entertainment Management, all Journalism courses, Popular Music, Music, Creative Music Technology, all Business courses, Creative Events Management, Television, Film, Theatre & Performance, Dance & Choreography, Game Development, all English courses, Creative Writing, Computing for Games £100pa
Course BandingAward Amount
Band 1: BA(Hons) Architecture, BA(Hons) Fine Art, BA(Hons) Graphic Design, BA(Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography, BA(Hons) Photography, BA(Hons) Press & Editorial Photography, BA(Hons) Illustration£400pa
Band 2: BA(Hons)Fashion Design, BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, BA(Hons) Performance Sportswear Design, BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design, BA(Hons) Textile Design£300pa
Band 3: BA(Hons)Acting, BSc(Hons) Computing for Games, BA(Hons) Creative Music Technology, BA(Hons) Animation & Visual Effects, BA(Hons)Drawing, BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing, BA(Hons) Film, BA(Hons) Interior Design, BA(Hons) Music, BA(Hons) Popular Music, BA(Hons) Television£200pa
Band 4: BA(Hons)Creative Advertising, BA(Hons) Business Entrepreneurship, BA(Hons) Creative Events Management, BA(Hons) Creative Writing, BA(Hons) Dance & Choreography, BA(Hons) Digital Games, all English courses, BA(Hons) Journalism, BA(Hons) Journalism & Creative Writing, BA(Hons) Journalism & Communications, BA(Hons) Music Theatre & Entertainment Management, BA(Hons) Sports Journalism£150pa

How to apply

There is no application process for the Materials Award. All students who have been assessed by Student Finance as having a household income of under £25,000 will be eligible and will receive the amount automatically at the beginning of Study Block 2. Awards are granted for each full year of study.

Contact us

Prospective students

The Material’s Award is no longer open to new students. However, for all other funding related queries, contact our Student Finance team:

T: +44(0)1326 255310



Current students

You can use the same email and telephone number for prospective students, or you can book a Microsoft Teams or on-campus appointment by using the Student Funding appointments system.

If you're a current student and have concerns about your finances, please contact the Students' Union Advice Service:


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