As per the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) in the USA, the US government requires institutions offering US Direct Loans to disclose the following consumer information.

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Student financial aid information

For information regarding need based and non-need based aid, as well as government aid, please refer to the following:

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Students with disabilities

Information about the services that Falmouth University offers to students with disabilities is available from the Student support team

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Cost of attendance
  • For information regarding the cost of tuition, fees, mandatory health insurance and student housing, please refer to the following:

US Funding Guide

  • We are unable to assess the Cost of Attendance for students wishing to undertake an overseas placement. As such; Federal Aid would not be available during such periods
  • For information regarding course costs, please see the individual course page.
  • For information regarding accommodation, please see here
  • For information on transportation, please see here
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Refund policy and procedure

For information about the University's refund procedure, please refer to the following, which are updated annually: 

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Return of Title IV financial aid
  • Our website contains information regarding the refund of federal loans, in the event of withdrawal on the Title IV Refund page
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Academic programmes
  • For information on academic programs offered at Falmouth University, please refer to the following section of our website which offers links to both the Admissions Team and all available courses: How to Apply
  • PhD students do not qualify for Federal Aid
  • Only full, on-campus undergraduate (BA/BSc) and postgraduate (MA/MSc) students will be considered for Federal Aid
  • Students on any qualifying course, must already hold a high-school diploma and/or have the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma; and/or are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in the State in which the institution is physically located.
  • Students considering a full or partial year placement or exchange year, should contact the university in advance, to fully investigate Title IV eligibility. 
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Transfer of credits and withdrawals
  • For credits transfers and withdrawals, please contact our Admissions Team: How to Apply
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Copyright infringement policies and sanctions
  • For the University's policies related to academic integrity, please refer to the following, which are updated annually: Student Regulations
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Notice of federal student financial aid penalties for drug law violations
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Textbook information
  • For information regarding the Falmouth University Libraries, please refer to the Library page

  • The Library Team will also be able to advise on the sourcing of any books which they don't currently hold in stock. Advice on which textbooks to purchase can be gleaned from both the academic teams and the Admissions Team (prior to enrolment).

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Security report- Missing person, 
students in difficulty
Penryn Campus: 01326 370400
The Compass: 01326 370460
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Privacy of student 
  • Student's rights under the Data Protection Act are covered in the following, which are updated annually: Student Regulations

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Student loan information published by the US Department of Education
  • For student loan information published by the US Department of Education, visit

    The University will provide information published by the US Department of Education to students at any time that information regarding loan availability is requested, including the rights and responsibilities of students and schools under Title IV loan programs.

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National student loan data system (NSLDS)
  • Falmouth University reports student registration on NSLDS each calendar month (during term time) through the National Student Loan Data Service

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Entrance counselling for student loan borrowers
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Exit counselling for student loan borrowers
  • Please refer to the following:
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US alternative loans
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Code of conduct for education loans

In order to prohibit a conflict of interest when it comes to private education loans, employees with responsibility for US loans are prohibited from the following:

  • Making revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender
  • Receiving gifts from a lender, a guarantor, or a loan servicer
  • Entering into arrangements providing financial benefit from any lender or affiliate of a lender
  • Directing borrowers to particular lenders or refusing or delaying loan certifications
  • Offering funds for private loans
  • All agents with responsibility for US loans are reminded at least annually of the code
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Drug and alcohol prevention 

There is a range of support available and we'd recommend contacting the University's Living Support Team in the first instance. Externally, help and advice can be sought from the following bodies:

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1098-T for Tax Returns

We are now unable to provide the required paperwork for individual tax returns to the IRS, due to a recent change in their reporting requirements.

Whilst previously, it was possible to complete a 1098-T form; now all overseas schools are required to gain an 'EIN Number' from the IRS. The range and scale of the additional undertakings that this brings has resulted in Falmouth University not applying for an EIN number. As such, we will not be able to provide the required information in a format which would be acceptable to the IRS.

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COVID and CARESAny/all learning provided online specifically as a result of Covid restrictions, qualifies under the USDE CARE Act of 2020
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Non-eligible academic programmes
  • Online courses (distance learning)
  • Course delivered by partner organisations
  • Part-time courses
  • PhD/Research courses
  • Students who, in the given year, are undertaking a placement or exchange overseas. In such instances, all elements spent overseas, cannot be considered Title IV eligible
  • Any form of Foundation level study

Full details of "Satisfactory Academic Progress" (SAP) can be found on our US Federal Loans - Refund Policy and SAP page.

Disbursements of a students Federal Loans will ordinarily by triggered at the start of each Study Block, in the given academic year. As such, this will vary dependent upon the delivery method of your course:

3-year undergraduate coursesStart of Study Block 1 = 50% disbursed
Start of Study Block 2 = 50% disbursed
2-year (Accelerated) undergraduate courses Start of Study Block 1 = 33% disbursed
Start of Study Block 2 = 33% disbursed
Start of Study Block 3 = 34% disbursed
Postgraduate coursesStart of Study Block 1 = 33% disbursed
Start of Study Block 2 = 33% disbursed
Start of Study Block 3 = 34% disbursed

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