Current status: Open

Award: £variable

Who's it for: Fully enrolled Falmouth students studying on campus at Falmouth or Penryn, plus fully enrolled Falmouth students studying online. The Hardship Fund is not open to applicants prior to enrolment or with partner institutions.

About the Hardship Fund

The Falmouth University Hardship Fund is designed to help you if you encounter unforeseen financial problems during the academic year.

When you apply to the Hardship Fund you'll be assessed. The assessment will consider your income, outgoings and original funding plan for the year. In addition, details of the unforeseen circumstance(s) you've encountered will be needed. Further details on the fund can be found below in the Hardship Fund General Notes.

Students on our online courses will be considered for support in relation to their tuition fees only. If such students have been impacted by an unforeseen financial issue which directly effects their ability to pay tuition fees, they should talk to their Student Advisor.

Guidance notes

You'll complete your Hardship Fund application online via MyFalmouth, and you can use the below guides to help you complete each section

How to apply

All applications should be made online via MyFalmouth under the 'My Finance' section, or via the link below.

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Contact us

For further advice on how to apply to the Hardship Fund, please contact one of the below support teams:

The Hardship Panel


The Student Union

T: +44(0)1326 255861