Why I chose to study Fashion Design

A view of the fashion department facilities at Falmouth University with tables with sewing machines.
Fashion Design 2

When I was a child, I spent hours cutting up my clothes and trying to turn them into something else.

Most often the results were shabby to say the least, but it didn’t matter to me or my parents. I was being creative and having fun which to us seemed like the most important thing. Throughout school, I was one of those children who was good at everything which left me more confused than ever when deciding on my degree.

It would be easy to say I’ve always been a girl who’s dreamed of being a fashion designer but that’s just not the case. There was a plethora of things I loved; countless academic and creative routes were open for me to take. So, what did I do? My parents reminded me of the child I once was, the fun I had, and the carefree enjoyment that filled most of my childhood days. When choosing a degree, they said that the most important thing was to choose something I loved, and I couldn’t deny that I loved being curious, creative and wild. Thus, the era of me studying a degree in fashion design at Falmouth University began.

I chose to study at Falmouth University after visiting once. I drove down to the beach and just thought this is where I want to live and experience the next few years of my life. 

Studying fashion design has been such a building block in my development as a designer and a person. It has pushed me to move out of my comfort zone and try things I never have before. The fashion design course is one that’s full of expression and freedom, where you can truly find your voice as a creative. 

The support unit of tutors aid you in your development and are always on hand to answer any question you may have. At the same time, you are propelled into a state of independence as a designer where you are pushed to make conscientious decisions and explore your limits.

I love Falmouth so much that I’m doing everything in my power to stay here a while longer, whether that be by completing a masters or finding a career here.

I love Falmouth's fashion design degree because it helps me to focus my creative discovery on ethical and moral challenges affecting society whilst working on collaborative live briefs with brands such as ‘O’Neill’. Some of my favourite things about the course are Computer Aided Design (CAD) work, which is essentially creating 2D and 3D garments using programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Clo3D. I also love Histories and Theories which is an academic module focused on exploration into historical events and visual movements, which improve your ethos as a practitioner. Another thing I love about the fashion design course is the studio space. The openness and expanse of space helps me to work in a free way surrounded by other creatives, it’s easy to feel inspired.

Although this fashion design degree is wonderful for discovering who you are, I still haven’t fully decided where I want to go in life. My mind changes, my soul finds new things to love and I don’t know where I’m going to be in five years. But that’s okay. I’ll stay creative, adventurous and happy, until I find my way.

I love Falmouth so much that I’m doing everything in my power stay here a while longer, whether that be by completing a master's degree or finding a career here.

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