Why I chose to study Business & Marketing online

30 May 2023

Screenshots of a website design project by students on Business & Marketing BSc (Online)
BSc Business and Marketing student project
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This article was written by Business and Marketing BSc (Online) student Michelle.

I’m Michelle, and I live in Canada. I started out studying architecture and industrial design, but it didn’t really click with me.

I ended up getting a diploma in user experience design, which steered me towards marketing because it introduced me to user behaviour research, which really piqued my interest. I am currently working in a marketing and design role at a startup in Guelph, Ontario – there’s just me and one other person in the marketing team right now!  

Marketing is something I’ve always been curious about, but I think there are a lot of misconceptions about it. I initially thought about it as primarily sales and advertising, but I realised I had a lot to learn about marketing itself. Coming from a design background, I was also interested in exploring the business and management sides of being a creative. So, Falmouth University stood out to me because of its ‘design school’ reputation, but also because it offered an online degree which combined the areas that I was looking to learn more about, and I could continue working while studying. 

So far, the Website Design module on the Business & Marketing course has been the thing I’ve enjoyed the most. We worked with an actual client – Conscious Community CIC – and I was part of a team with other students on the degree. Working collaboratively with people who had different skillsets was a very valuable experience.  

Conscious Community CIC is a non-profit social organisation based in Cornwall. They run annual events like the Stithians Wellbeing Fair and have previously worked with Creative Events Management students at Falmouth. We made a website for them, working in a very practical, hands-on way; we had team members project managing the work, looking after the budget, and I was on the design side, exploring both the look and feel as well as building out the actual site. 

I’d like to combine elements of user experience design and marketing in any future roles I take on. I’m passionate about working in smaller mission-driven companies, and particularly those in the non-profit field. My focus is on sustainability; the company I’m working at right now offers reusable takeout packaging, for example, and I’m excited to develop as a marketer doing things for good.  

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