Why I chose to study Business

08 March 2022

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Business is sometimes misconstrued as a subject lacking passion and focus, one often viewed as a vague, yet credible, backup option if you don’t know what you want to study. I have never had this outlook and I want to share why I chose to study Business Management BSc(Hons) at Falmouth University. 

Business as a whole is the economic foundation for life, it’s the mechanics behind a clock and the ink that allows a pen to work. Take it away and you have two things that cannot operate correctly. And that’s what they’d be; things - not companies and not corporations.

Whatever passion you have, at Falmouth you can incorporate it into your degree

Business has always been an underlying element in my life. While I hadn’t consciously chosen to study it from a young age, I have always had an interest in it. GiGi’s Diva Diner was a garden shed business I ran for more years than I’d like to admit. It wasn’t the love of food that inspired this creation, but a love for organisation, planning and customer service. This then transcended into a desire to design uniforms, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone as I had been dressing myself since I was a toddler. I quickly realised I had not been blessed with the gift of drawing, but the love of shopping. Expressing your personality in an ethical manner has been a trait I’ve encompassed for years upon years now. And this is why I chose to study Business at Falmouth.  

After studying Business A Level, enjoying it and being quite good at it, I knew that I wanted to study Business at university - I just didn’t know where.  

I don’t think I’m alone in my dislike for exams, which is why, initially, this coursework-based degree stood out to me. When looking at the course details, I realised that within the three modules per term you could apply any industry of your choice to two assignments. This was the jackpot – I had found a Business degree that gave me the freedom to tailor the teaching to my passion for the fashion industry. 

Whatever passion you have, at Falmouth you can incorporate it into your degree. Love to surf? Conduct your market research assignment to determine whether there’s a gap in the market for a Surf Bus business. Love cars? Research how car manufacturers are dealing with the transition to electric cars. Love fashion (like me!)?, investigate Stella McCartney’s wellbeing approach.  

In addition to the course’s versatility, the lecturers are equally as enthusiastic as they are supportive. Each term we are allocated a placement week. This allows us the opportunity to gain industry experience to not only improve our CV, but to gauge what it is we want to do after graduation.  

Discovering what profession you want to do as an adult is rarely something you decide at eighteen years old when you’re choosing a degree. Falmouth University has many contacts who offer paid work, or you can go solo and email whatever business you please! In my placement week, I aim to shadow a young female entrepreneur who has designed, manufactured and sold her own clothing line in addition to selling beautiful vintage clothes on the bestselling app, Depop.  

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