Building industry connections while studying at Falmouth

24 January 2024

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This article was written by Business & Digital Marketing BSc(Hons) student Emily. 

As a student, making industry connections is so important and throughout my time at Falmouth University, LinkedIn has become my best friend! The University provides excellent opportunities to meet professionals who can offer knowledge, insight and further industry experiences… the number of doors that my lecturers have opened for me over the past year has been incredible!

We regularly have 'In Conversation With' sessions during lectures, which provide detailed insights and perspectives from industry experts, guiding students towards potential career paths. Lecturers also offer practical insights from their past experiences and careers - like my business lecturer with banking experience sharing valuable insights, which inspires people to focus their assignments on those industries.

I've engaged in live-brief assignments with local businesses like Hubbox, a South-West Burger Restaurant Chain, enhancing my pitching and conversational skills... which has also helped when communicating with people I am trying to build connections with via LinkedIn or at networking events. Maintaining a positive relationship with the Hubbox managers and marketing executives has led to ongoing collaborations on various marketing campaigns. 

Last summer, three of my assignment pieces were showcased in the Student Showcase, receiving praise from industry professionals, who contacted me through LinkedIn after the event. Recently, my branding assignment has been selected for presentation to the Office for Students, providing opportunities for exposure and career advancement.

Falmouth University excels at promoting local networking events, such as the Cornwall Business Show. My lecturers even prepared me for success, helping me practice my elevator pitch, which landed me my first industry job as a freelance marketer for a web design agency in Cornwall, who I met at the event. The University also holds events on campus, which include some incredible guests… one of my favourites was Rory Sutherland; a British advertising executive, the vice chairman of the Ogilvy & Mather group of companies and a writer for columns in The Spectator and several of his own books. He shared his knowledge on marketing, psychology and people... and it was completely free for students! 

I have had great opportunities to be part of micro-internships at Falmouth University for paid, hands-on work experience. I gained knowledge, skills, and industry insights, while building connections to open doors to future employment. It's like a shortcut to real-world learning with lasting benefits for your career!

The University actively supports CV and portfolio development, propelling students toward future success. In the Cornwall Business School at Falmouth University, the lecturers organise trips each year to visit a Cornish-based business so we can access insights into their operations. It has been so helpful and, again, has broadened the opportunities available to me by introducing me to new people and getting experience within the industry, to make me stand out in interviews.

The University's commitment to fostering connections and broadening horizons is evident and I put all of my personal experiences and industry opportunities down to Falmouth Uni. If you are someone, who is keen to get stuck into an industry and likes to seize opportunities… Falmouth University is for you. Yes, it’s a small university but the potential they offer you here is limitless. I honestly feel like I wouldn’t have received the same support and opportunities if I went to a different university. 

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