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With an educational background in art, upon competing her BA(Hons) Photography degree in 2012 from University College Falmouth as it was at the time, Rachel discovered her love of bookbinding.  Having experimented with various different bindings, through commissions and personal development work, she still dabbles with making leather bound notebooks through her Facebook Page - Bound to Love. She has also created and taught workshops on Zine making and Alternative Publication.  Her interest in photography stems from working her way up through Jessops as a teenager to become Lab Manager of a branch, where her interest in the processes behind the images was born through operating and maintaining the developing and printing machinery. After university she became a technician for the A-Level Photography course at Truro College, furthering her knowledge and skills surrounding the repair and maintenance of cameras and other photographic equipment. Returning to Falmouth University for work instead of study was the next logical progression in her camera orientated career.

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  • Zine Making and Alternative Publication