Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Knowledge Exchange

I joined Falmouth as Associate Professor in Music and Sound Art in 2010. Now as Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Knowledge Exchange, I have overall responsibility for providing strategic leadership in RKE, and, as a member of the university’s executive board, play a central role in delivering on the university’s mission, vision, and strategy.

Delivering on our mission of ‘harnessing the fusion of creativity and technology as the foundation of the future economy’ necessitates staff and students being engaged in generating, sharing, and applying new knowledge and insights.  As such, I am committed to supporting the university community in developing an inclusive, dynamic, exploratory environment for research and knowledge exchange that embraces risk and learning from failure while confidently working towards world-leading outputs with transformative impact. Recognising students and the communities we serve as the primary beneficiaries of our research and knowledge exchange, I lead cross-institutional initiatives that drive collaboration and partnership and facilitate the translation of the University's research into knowledge that can be shared with our students and society at large.

My background is in music and sound art and my work has garnered international acclaim through a portfolio of award-winning creative works and publications.  My music has been performed and broadcast around Europe and North America and has won international competitions including Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Cornelius Cardew Prize, E.A.R (Hungarian Radio) and the George Butterworth prize. As a sound designer I have made permanent, multi-ward winning installations for The Imperial War Museum (UK), The New York Historical Society (USA), The Thomas Jefferson Museum (USA) and the Guinness Storehouse (IRL), amongst others. I am also an experienced mix engineer with credits including score mixes for The Domino Effect, The Village and Tin Star.  With architect Frances Crow, I am a partner in liminal, a practice that explores the relationship between sound, listening and space.  Our work together encompasses site-specific interventions, gallery installations, performances, research, and consultancy and is the basis of much of my scholarly research. In 2010 we won the prestigious PRS Foundation New Music Award for our piece, Organ of Corti, a work which went on to receive Phonurgia Nova award (Czech Republic), the John Connell Innovation Award (UK) and an honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria).

I studied Music and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Bangor and then completed a PhD in music at the University of Birmingham. During my enrolment at Birmingham, I undertook residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada; Les Ateliers UPIC, Paris; and the Technisches Universität, Berlin, where I was a guest of the DAAD. After working at Dartington College of Arts since 2001, I wrote Falmouth’s Creative Music Technology BA award, which launched in 2010 and for which I was previously course coordinator.  I have taught, examined, and undertaken a range of Higher Education quality assurance and validation roles across the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA.

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David Prior

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Year Qualification Awarding body
2000 PhD University of Birmingham
1995 BA(Hons) University of Wales, Bangor

Honors and awards

Year Description

Phonurgia Nova, France Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Runner Up


Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica, Linz Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Honorary Mention, Digital Music and Sound Art category


John Connell Innovation Award, Noise Abatement Society, UK Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Winner


PRS Foundation New Music Award, UK Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Winner


Stipendienurkende, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), Berlin Stipend to study for one year at the Technisches Universitat, Berlin


Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Bourges IMEB (Institute International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges) an die Materie - Finalist


George Butteworth Prize, George Butterworth Foundation Dense - Winner The George Butterworth prize was awarded annually by the artistic director of the SPNM (Society for the Promotion of New Music) for a piece programmed that artistic season. 'Dense' had been performed as part of the State of the Nation festival at the South Bank Centre, London that year and the award was nominated by Howard Skempton, artistic director for 1997-98.


EAR, Hungarian Radio International Electroacoustic Music Competition Hungarian Radio Awards an die Materie - Second Prize


Bourges International Electroacoustic Composition Competition, Bourges IMEB (Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges) Somewhere Submarine (for Piano and Tape) - Honorary Mention in the Instrument and Tape category


Cornelius Cardew Composition Competition, Cornelius Cardew Trust Somewhere Submarine (For Piano and Tape) - Joint Winner


Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Bourges IMEB (Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges) Dense - Prix de Residence Winner

Membership of external committees

Specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKAAVQ)

Research Interests

Research interests and expertise

My research focusses on the relationship between sound and place, and the cultural history of sounding objects.  I approach this as a practitioner-scholar with a specialism in music and sound, but work across a range of media, including installation, performance, film, photography, and writing. I am committed to the complementary roles disparate research methodologies, including artistic practice, have in the generation of new insight, and my own work often blends multiple strands of investigation. Recent practice research and publication has focussed on both bells and loudspeakers as examples of sounding objects with rich, complex, and contested cultural histories.  

Beyond my current research preoccupations, I have expertise in music history from the mid 20th Century onwards with a particular interest in the interface between traditions of electroacoustic music (and in particular, acousmatic music) with both visual art (and in particular, photography), and popular music culture.  I also have significant technical expertise in sound recording, mixing and immersive audio.  

I have been Principal Investigator or project lead on a wide range of projects, including those funded by UKRI, the Wellcome Trust, PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.  I have also acted as co-investigator or co-director for networks including the AHRC-funded 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training and the Research England-funded South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN). I have been a member of the AHRC peer review college and reviewed grant applications for a number of international funding councils.  I have supervised 15 doctoral students to successful completion and examined 15 research degrees in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

In my previous role as Director of Research, I had coordinating oversight of the university’s recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021), which saw Falmouth’s performance rise dramatically since we were last assessed in 2014.

Research centre and group affiliations


Research Topics

  • church bells
  • electroacoustic and electronic music
  • music production
  • site-specific and locative audio
  • sound and architecture
  • Sound Art
  • Sound Design
  • spatial and immersive audio
  • the cultural history of sound technology

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

  • Prior, David

    (2020), The Unreliable Mediator: Speakers in Sound Art heard through Music on a Long Thin Wire, In: The Oxford Handbook of Sound Art, Oxford University Press, New York, ISBN: Pending, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Prior, David

    (2017), Ringing the Changes, In: Soundscapes and Sound Identities, Galaad Edizioni, Teramo, Italy, pp. 203-219, ISBN: 9788898722501
  • Prior, David

    (2007), A Space for Sound: The Rise, Fall and Fallout of the Concert Hall as a Primary Space for Listening, In: In the Place of Sound, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, pp. 125-134, ISBN: 9781847183750
  • Wiggins, Trevor, Sanderson, Griselda, Denyer, Frank, Laws, Catherine and Prior, David

    (2018), Musical Arts at Dartington, In: Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Routledge, Talyor and Francis, Surrey, 9 (3), pp. 393-395, ISSN: 1944-3927
  • Prior, David

    (2018), Postcard: Site-Specific Music at Dartington, In: Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, Surrey, 9 (3), pp. 398-398, ISSN: 1944-3927
  • Hall, John and Prior, David

    (2018), Towards Song: Reshaping Spoken Lyric, In: Performance Research, Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group, UK, 23 (2), pp. 100-106, ISSN: 1352-8165
  • Prior, David, Reuben, Federico, Biscoe, Ian and Rofe, Michael

    (2017), Designing a System for Online Orchestra - Computer Hardware and Software, In: Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Intellect Ltd, UK, 10 (2-3), pp. 185-196, ISSN: 17527066
  • Geelhoed, Erik

    Prior, David and Rofe, Michael, (2017), Designing a System for Online Orchestra - Microphone Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis, In: Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Intellect Ltd, UK, 10 (2-3), pp. 213-230, ISSN: 17527066
  • Prior, David, Reeder, Philip, Rofe, Michael, Biscoe, Ian and Murray, Samuel

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  • Prior, David

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  • Prior, David

    (2016), Loudspeaker Listening: Tabula Rasa or Augmented Reality, In: Leonardo Music Journal, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 3-6, ISSN: 0961-1215
  • Prior, David

    (2012), Organ of Corti: A Listening Device, In: Leonardo Music Journal, MIT Press, Boston, MA, pp. 55-55, ISSN: ISSN: 0961-1215
  • Prior, David

    (2010), The Cochlea Unwound: A case study for a listening aid using a sonic crystal, In: Performance Research, Routledge, London, 15 (3), pp. 95-102, ISSN: 13528165
  • Crow, Frances and Prior, David

    (2003), Swash: A Case Study, In: Earshot, UK and Ireland Soundscape Community, UK, pp. 17-21, ISSN: 1471-4183
  • Rofe, Michael and Prior, David

    (2017), Online Orchestra - Special Issue of Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Intellect Ltd, UK, 10 (2-3), ISSN: 17527066, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Ferrett, D

    (2016), Halloween, Witchcraft and the Power of Spells, Aired on Community Radio Station, Source FM, Falmouth
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2014), Of This Parish [Film], Portugal/ UK
  • Prior, David

    (2009), Black Water Brown Water
  • Prior, David

    (2023), Sounding the Museum, In: DRHA Conference 2023, 10-13 September 2023, Turin, Italy, (Published)
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2016), Of This Parish - Artist Talk, In: Seachange Festival 2016, 26 - 28 August, Totnes, Devon, UK
  • Rofe, Michael

    (2016), Online Orchestra - conference paper at Performance Studies Network, Bath Spa, Bath Spa University, (Published)
  • Crow, Frances and Prior, David

    (2016), Of This Parish: Creative Placemaking, In: Creative Placemaking, 9 June 2016, The Exchange, Penzance, UK
  • Prior, David

    (2015), Of This Parish: Project Report and Panel Discussion, In: BEAST FEaST, April 30 - May 3, 2015, University of Birmingham
  • Prior, David

    (2015), Ringing the Changes: An Investigation into Sounds and Power, In: Forum Klanglandschaft (FKL) Symposium: Soundscapes and Sound Identities, May 22-24, 2015, Beseno Castle, Italy, (Unpublished)
  • Crow, Frances

    (2014), Framing Listening and the Phonosphere, In: Bright Collisions Summit 2014, TodaysArt 2014, 24 - 28 September 2014, Den Hague, Netherlands, (Published)
  • Prior, David

    (2014), Documentary Sound: Beyond the Diegetic, In: World Documentary Film and TV Conference, September 4-6, 2014, World Documentary Film and TV Conference, Falmouth University, (Unpublished)
  • Prior, David

    (2013), Art from the Archive, In: Sensuous Knowledge, 23 - 25 January 2013, Bergen, Norway
  • Crow, Frances and Prior, David

    (2016), Field of Play:End of the Game, In: Field of Play, 21 April 2016, Mitchams Park, Cambridge, UK
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2016), To Intercession, In: Viseu Rural 2.0, November 28 2015 - April 17 2016, Casa das Memórias, Viseu, Portugal
  • Crow, Frances and Prior, David

    (2015), Transient Parish, In: Goonhilly Village Green Festival, 25th-26th September 2015, Goonhilly, UK
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2015), 289ms Away, In: BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre) FEaST 2015 festival, April 30 - May 2 2015, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2013), Chroma: Interactions of Noise, Paul Stolper Gallery, London
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2013), Of This Parish, In: Divina Sonus Ruris: Creative Labs in Sound Art, 27 April 2013, Binaural/Nodar, Portugal
  • Prior, David

    (2013), Underground: Sculpting with Voices
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2011), Organ of Corti, In: Organ of Corti, 1 July - 21 August 2011, touring England
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2006), Warwick Bar Masterplan: lead artist, In: Birmingham ArtsFest, 8 - 9 September 2006, Birmingham, UK
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2005), The Churchill Museum: Sound Design, Imperial War Museum
  • Prior, David and Crow, Frances

    (2003), Swash, Living Coasts, Torquay, Devon
  • Rofe, Michael

    Reeder, Philip, Murray, Samuel, Parker, Will, Geelhoed, Erik and Biscoe, Ian, (2015), Online Orchestra
  • Rofe, Michael and Prior, David

    (2015), Online orchestra: performance, edited journal and patent
  • Rofe, Michael, Prior, David, Reuben, Federico, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Falmouth University

    (2015), The Online Orchestra: Connecting Remote Communities through Music, In: Online Orchestra, 12th July 2015, Truro Cathedral
  • Crow, Frances and Prior, David

    (2014), Report, In: Fort Process festival, September 13 2014, Newhaven Fort, East Sussex, UK
  • Lynch, Larry and Prior, David

    (2008), On What it Might Mean to be Spinning, Jill Cragie Cinema, Plymouth University, UK; Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
  • Ferrett, D

    Lamb, Johny, (2015), Dark Sound: Destructive Pop 2015, AMATA, Falmouth University
  • Prior, David

    (2023), Descent, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Prior, David and McKinnon, Dugal

    (2007), Arcades - Who's Most Lost?

Research Students

Current research students

Current Research Students:

  • Louise Bell
  • Gareth Churcher 
  • William Parker 
  • Samuel Murray 
  • Kitto Maddrell 
  • Jerry Padfield

Research Students Supervised to Completion:

15. Dr. Ciaran Clarke (Director of Studies with Dr. Lee Miller (Plymouth) and Prof. Gregg Whelan (Falmouth/ Trinity College London) – 2022 (PhD)
Reviver Voce: The Voice, Technology and Death. Falmouth University

14. Dr. Caitlin Sheppherd (co-supervisor with Prof. Jon Dovey (Director of Studies) and Dr. Mic Palmer (co-supervisor) – 2022 (PhD)
Reframing the Class Divide, Caring Imaginaries, Class Struggle and The Social Turn: An exploration into socio-economic inequality in socially engaged art practice and convivial listening as an aesthetics of critique, care and change. University of West of England (UWE)

13. Dr. Lucie Hernandez (Director of Studies with Dr. Justin Marshall, Northumbria University) – March 2022 (PhD).
An Investigation of Craft Practice in the Design of Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles) for Embodied Interaction. Falmouth University

12. Dr. Tom Slater (Director of Studies, with Dr. Antti Saario) – November 2021 (PhD).
Drone Technologies and Dis/embodied Spaces: a practice-based enquiry into human-drone relationships through audio-visual art installation. Falmouth University

11. Dr. Ian Biscoe (Director of Studies with Prof. Michael Rofe and Prof. Gregg Whelan) – June 2020 (PhD).
X Reality Networked Performance: Message-Based Distributed Systems for Controlling and Presenting Multiple Realities. Falmouth University

10. Dr. John Hillman (Director of Studies with Dr. Sarah Arnold) – September 2017 (PhD)
Photography and its Failure to Represent. Falmouth University

9. Dr. Sam Bleakley (Director of Studies with Dr. Larry Lynch) – September 2016 (PhD)
Surfing Haïti, and a new wave of travel writing. Falmouth University

8. Dr. Sue Smith (Director of Studies, with Prof. Emilyn Claid, Roehampton University) – March 2016 (PhD)
Dancing in the Dark: described dances and unseen choreographies. Falmouth University

7. Dr. Mariella Casar (Director of Studies, with Dr. Chris Best and Dr. Trevor Wiggins) – April 2014 (PhD)
Creative Responses to Maltese Culture and Identity: case study and composition portfolio. Falmouth University

6. Dr. Johny Lamb (Director of Studies, with Prof. John Hall) – November 2013 (PhD)
I Cannot Sing You Here, But for Songs of Where: Contemporary Alt-Folk Song and Articulations of Place. Falmouth University 

5. Dr. Philip Reeder (Co-supervisor, with Dr. Antti Saario, DoS) – March 2013 (PhD)
Inter-Piece Sampling and Convolution: Portfolio of 5.1 Acousmatic and Electronica Compositions, Interactive Diagrams and Text.  University College Falmouth

4. Dr. Stacey Sewell (Director of Studies, with Dr. Catherine Laws) – 2013 (PhD)
The Sampling of Bodily Sound in Contemporary Composition: towards an embodied analysis. University College Falmouth

3. Dr. Tom Begbie (Co-supervisor, with Dr. Catherine Laws, DoS) – 2008 (PhD)
Musicology and Mediation: an examination of the cultural materialisms of Raymond Williams and Pierre Bourdieu in relation to the fields of contemporary music and musicology, with a case study of Arvo Part and ECM. Dartington College of Arts

2. Dr. Paul Swoger-Ruston (Co-supervisor, with Dr. Bob Gilmore, DoS) – 2006 (PhD)
Harmonic Intonation and Implication (Analyses and Compositions): Harmonic perception and intonation in the reception and performance of alternative tuning systems in contemporary composition. Dartington College of Arts

1. Dr. Tim Sayer (Director of Studies) – 2005 (PhD)
Using Interactive Software as a Conceptual Tool: An Examination of Cognition in Improvised Musical Performance. Dartington College of Arts

Previous student supervision

15. Dr. Asher Arnon, PhD, De Montford University, February 2021
Visual Music Strategies and the Sense of Place

14. Dr. Núria Bonet Filella, PhD, University of Plymouth, January 2019
Data Sonification in Creative Practice

13. Dr. Alexander Thumm, PhD, University of Adelaide, Australia, July 2017
Creative Performance in Play: A Synthesis of Audio, Visual and Narrative for Maximising Expressive Potentials in Gameplay

12. Dr. John Grierson, PhD, Falmouth University, January 2017 
Localised, geographically proximate Radio in Cornwall: comparing challenges in achievement of objectives

11. Peter Shepherd, ResM, University of Plymouth, November 2016
Flow Interactive Sonic Art: The Creation And Use Of Responsive Strategies To Re-Imagine The Performer-Spectator Relationship And Create Visitor Inclusive Sonic Environments

10. Dr. Thomas Voyce, PhD, New Zealand School of Music, January 2016
Do I Get a Say In This? Environmental Sound Composition, the Phonograph and Intentionality

9. Dr. Diogo Alvim, PhD, Queen’s University Belfast, December 2015
Music Through Architecture - Contributions to an Expanded Practice in Composition

8. Dr. Emmanuel Spinelli, PhD, Goldsmiths College, University of London, July 2015 
Acoustic Phenotypology – The territory of the disembodied voice in electro-acoustic music and the perception of Acousmatic Identities

7. Dr. Tom Smith, PhD, Liverpool University, September 2014/2016 
Portfolio of Compositions 

6. Dr. Sorrel Harriet, PhD, University of York, October 2013
Application of Auralisation and Soundscape Methodologies to Environmental Noise

5. Dr. Tony Martin-Salinas, PhD, London Metropolitan University, February 2013
Pitch Resources for New Music: An Integrated Approach to Instrument Development and Composition

4. Dr. Efthymios Chatzigiannis, PhD, Oxford Brookes University, January 2012 
Aural Evolutions: Intersections of Sound with Physical Space

3. Dr. Scott de Lahunta, PhD by staff candidature, Dartington College of Arts, June 2009
Shifting Interfaces: art research at the intersections of live performance and technology

2. Dr. Matthew Martin, PhD, Dartington College of Arts, October 2006
On the Nature of Fieldwork: A Composer’s Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice

1. Nick Trussler, MPhil, Dartington College of Arts, June 2006
An Evaluation of the Interaction Between Teaching, Learning and the Computer Interface for Distance Learning Programmes

Number of research students supervised to completion


Number of research degree examinations



Courses taught

  • Research Student Development Programme
  • Researcher Development Programme
  • Research Supervisor Training

Professional Engagement

Independent professional practice

2018, Tin Star Series 2 (12 Episodes) Skye Drama - Music mixes
2017, Tin Star Series 1 (12 Episodes) Skye Drama – Music Mixes

2016, End of the Game for Kickstart, Cambridge. Commissioned by Crest Nicholson                           
2016, Waiting For You – Feature Film – Music Mixes
2015, To Intercession for binaural/ Nodar for the Viseu Rural 2.0 Collective Exhibition at Casa das Memórias (Viseu, Portugal) from 28 November 2015 – 17 April 2016.                           
2015, Transient Parish for Goonhilly Village Green,
2015, Only 289m/s Away. 8-channel interactive sound installation commissioned by BEAST for BEAST FEaST 2015, University of Birmingham.
2015, Report.  Performance with Frances Crow (liminal) commissioned by Fort Process Sound Art Festival, Newhaven Fort. 
2013-14, The Village, Series 1 & 2 (12 episodes) BBC Drama – Music Mixes
2013, Raise, Adrian Corker – Album mixes
2013, Chroma: Interactions of Noise. With Frances Crow (liminal). Sound installation for six cassette tape players.  First exhibited at Paul Stolper Gallery, London.
2013, Of This Parish, Performance lecture with Frances Crow (liminal) for SoundFjord, London followed by 4-channel audio installation with film.
2013, Of This Parish. 8-channel sound installation with Frances Crow (liminal, commissioned by Binaural/ Nodar, Sul, Portugal.
2012, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.  Sound Designs for exhibit by Tribal DDB.
2012, On What it Might Mean to Be Spinning, HD film with text by Larry Lynch screened at Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival, Coole Castle, Northern Ireland.
2012, Larry Lynch Meets a Pony.  HD film with text by Larry Lynch screened at Humbly Through the Dust, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland
2011, Arcades (Prior, David and McKinnon, Dugal), Who’s Most Lost.  Album release.  Rattle Music RAT-DO26  
2011, Heartlands exhibition, Pool, Cornwall.  Designed by Outside Studios for Stephen Feber. Sound design by David Prior for Centre Screen productions.
2010, Corker, Adrian & Prior, David, Clipper remix for Portico Quartet (Real World Records) for release in December 2010.
2010, Hum! With Frances Crow (liminal) - A massive circular photograph for Futurescope installed on the side of Lingfield Point power plant building, Darlington. Commissioned by Vista Projects.
2009, On What it Might Mean to Be Spinning - A film by David Prior featuring Larry Lynch with text by Larry Lynch at Poetry and the Mirror of Nature symposium on contemporary poetry and poetics, University of Cambridge,
2009, The Boisterous Sea of Liberty exhibit, The Thomas Jefferson Museum, Monticello, Virginia.  Music by David Prior with John Matthias.  Sound Design by David Prior.                           
2009, Swash: 8 channel improvised performance as part of 24 Fragments event by Jane Grant, John Matthias and Nick Ryan, funded by the PRS Foundation and the Wellcome Trust.  Newlyn Art Gallery with a live stream to FACT, Liverpool.
2008,  Prior, David; Phineas Gage Remix on Matthias, John and Ryan, Nick, Cortical Songs. Non-classical records NONCLSS004
2008,  With Heartfelt Gratitude for the Painless Treatment, 3-channel video installation by Anya Lewin.  Sound recording, editing and design by David Prior.  First exhibited at Picture This, Bristol, May 2008
2008, Black Water Brown Water, binaural, site-specific sound-walk at Stourport canal basins.  Commissioned by British Water Ways. Black Water Brown Water was remixed for radio in November 2008 and broadcast across all 18 stations of the international RADIA network.
2008, Bassett, Michael Soft Verges. Eschatone Records ESC010 Piano, engineering and production on 10 Days, Exchange, Hastings to London & 9.8m/s2 by David Prior
2008, Prior, David with Lynch, Larry.  Larry Lynch Meets a Pony (DVD video release) Featured in World One Minutes: video and literature, ter Borg, Lucette (Ed.).  Veenman Publishers ISBN/EAN 978-9-0869019-1-3
2008, Matthias, John, Stories from the Watercooler. Counter records COUNTCDD14P Production on Open and One Sunny Morning in the No-Fly Zone by David Prior, Roy Merchant and Jonathan More
2008,  Song Pole, Cotswold Water Park, permanent installation by Frances Crow and David Prior (liminal) with text by Larry Lynch.  Commissioned by the Cotswolds Water Park with support by Natural England, Arts Council England, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Gloucestershire County Council.
2008, On What it Might Mean to be Spinning.  A film by David Prior featuring Larry Lynch with text by Larry Lynch.   First performed at the Jill Craigie Cinema as part of the Voices III contemporary music festival, Plymouth, March 2008 with text read live by John Hall.
2008, Swash: 8-channel improvised performance.  Immersive Vision Theatre, University of Plymouth.
2007, Glass, Philip, Music in Changing Parts (Part 1 and Part 2), Icebreaker. Recorded by David Prior, mixed by Derek Nash, Produced by James Poke. OMM records OMM0035 2007, Prior, David with Lynch, Larry, Larry Lynch Meets a Pony on The One Minutes, Salto Broadcast 68 (DVD publication)
2007, Swash: 8-channel improvised performance. School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), Porto, Portugal.
2006, Derailer (Matthias, John, Prior, David and Prior, Andrew) Derailer Remix on Richards, John, Suite for Piano and Electronics. Non-classical records NONCLSS002
2005, Hitchcock, Nicola, Everything on Hitchcock, Nicola Passive Aggressive. Arranged and mixed by David Prior.  Co-produced by David Prior and Nicola Hitchcock                                     Tempted Records 001US
2005, The Space Between, liminal (Frances Crow and David Prior) as part of a group exhibition. Plymouth Arts Centre
2004, Derailer (Matthias, John and Prior, David), Radiant Idiot Derailer Remake on Corker Conboy Six For Five.  Vertical Form records VFORM035CDP
2003, Prior, David, Somewhere Submarine on Legacies: Celebrating 20 Years of BEAST Sargasso records SCD28046
2000, Prior, David, Somewhere Submarine (5th Movement) on Presence II: Une Compilation d’oeuvres électroacoustiques. Production PeP