Senior Lecturer subject specialist in sculpture

I joined the BA Fine Art team in 2012 as senior lecturer with subject specialism in sculpture and am currently head of level 2  (2023) which has a strong focus on creative communities of practice. This model of practice has been explored pedagogically through Café Morte (2014) a research group established with colleague Mercedes Kemp, students, academics, and artists. As a group we met regularly, each member leading a critical debate or discussion starting with an object, artwork, film, or text to generate a series of questions and ideas relating to death. Curated exhibitions include Lost for Words, Falmouth Campus exhibition space (January 2016) and The Tears of Things (February 2017) The Exchange Gallery, Penzance.  In 2020 I set up a small organisation and research group DUST from an old shop in Penzance. DUST contains a collection of artifacts many of which are broken. The shop is an artwork inviting visitors to tell their stories, to share experiences of grief through the lens of the objects displayed. DUST collaborates and works with artist, students, and researchers to create a platform where death, loss and grief can be considered.


  • Treggidden, Katie, Broken, Mending and Repair in a Throwaway World, 2023
  • Clough, Alice, A Catalouge of Failures, issue 3, 2023
  • Holman, Martin, Art with Soul, DRIFT, 2023

Published work includes The last Portrait, a microscopic view of transience, mourning and loss. Published in Malady and Mortality: Illness, Disease and Death in Literary and Visual Culture (2016)

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Telephone 01326 213844



Year Qualification Awarding body
2003 BA Fine Art Falmouth College of Art
2012 PGCHE Falmouth University

Research Interests

Research interests and expertise

DUST contributes to the field of death studies by exploring the multifarious ways in which bereaved people express loss, often drawing inspiration from global, multicultural traditions ranging from a belief in reincarnation to animism and participation in the Day of the Dead. The project is motivated by a twofold interest in: first, how people make visible their loss through an interaction with objects; and second, how this interaction often involves artistic creativity, or the crafting of memory onto objects, materializing loss.  Death has been described as the edge at which all narrative ceases. Words, image making, and sound emerge from this powerful darkness. My research explores through creative practice the ongoing relationship we have with the dead and how they continue to influence our lives.

In 2021 I was commissioned by Cornwall Council and Turn Consultancy to work with five families effected by drug and alcohol misuse to create The Art of Grief bereavement stories which used video, photography and recorded narrative to create 5-minute digital journals describing experiences of living loss and grief. I am interested in creating a material presence for the ‘dead’ through working with dust, memorial debris, objects, sound and installation to create a space where communication can take place between the dead and the living.

Research Topics

  • death
  • liminal space
  • loss
  • melancholia
  • transience

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

  • Willow, Lucy

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  • Willow, Lucy and Bigbury Mint

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Areas of teaching

  • Drawing
  • materiality
  • sculpture
  • site specific installation

Courses taught

  • Fine Art BA (Hons)