About the researcher

Claire Musser is a dual citizen of the UK and USA. She currently resides in Arizona and is the Executive Director of the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and a Master of Arts in Anthrozoology, where her research focused on Mexican gray wolf recovery from the perspective of individual wolves. Claire is currently a postgraduate researcher working towards a Ph.D. in environmental photography. She utilizes her creativity to blend the arts and sciences with her current research exploring multispecies entanglements between humans and urban carnivores. 

Research interests

Claire has over 12 years of experience in conservation and non-profits around the world. She also has a background in formal education and a post-graduate certificate in arts education from the University of Cambridge.  As a certified Interpreter with the National Association for Interpretation, and certified Environmental Educator and mentor with Arizona Association for Environmental Education, she has empowered thousands of students to take positive action in conservation. With a BA in graphic design, she also explores environmental issues through art, film, and photography and her work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK, Cayman Islands, and the US. She has published various articles about environmental education and wildlife encounters and has presented her research at conferences in both the US and UK. 

Claire Musser

PhD abstract

Thesis title

Multispecies entanglements, from conflict to coexistence: How remote cameras can shape public perception of Carnivora in urban areas 


Multispecies entanglements explore human-animal relations, and with the growing popularity of remote cameras and security cameras an increasing number of urban carnivore images are being shared online. How can these images shape public perceptions of Carnivora in urban areas, and can this form of wildlife viewing foster peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife?  


Year Qualification Awarding body
2022 MA Anthrozoology   University of Exeter 
2006 PGCE Art & Design   University of Cambridge 
2001 BA(Hons) Graphic Design   Camberwell College of Arts 

Honours & awards

Year Description
2004 Winner of National Merit Scholarship in India for 47th Rank in 10th Standard in the State. 

Areas of expertise

  • Camera trapping  
  • Photography  
  • Underwater photography 
  • Filmmaking  
  • Human-wildlife coexistence  
  • Environmental education  
  • STEAM education  
  • Arts education  

Committee membership

  • Arizona Association of Environmental Education

Professional engagements

  • National Association of Environmental Education  
  • National Association of Interpretation  


Peer Reviewed Publications  

  • Musser, C. (2024) When Kindness Turns Cruel:  Keeping Bobcats as House Cats in the United States, Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) Working Paper Series: Criminology, University of Exeter 

Selected Publications  

  • Musser, C. (2023) Adding the A into STEM Education. Mountain Lines, McDowell Sonoran Conservancy 
  • Musser C. (2022) The New Bajada Explorers Program. Mountain Lines, McDowell Sonoran Conservancy 
  • Cox, C. (2003) Shark Calling in the Solomon Islands, Shark Focus Magazine, The Shark Trust 
  • Cox, C. (2003) Waiter, Waiter There’s a Shark in my Soup, Shark Diver Magazine, Shark Diver 
  • Cox, C. (2001) Split Level Underwater Photography, Underwater Photography Magazine 

Selected Group Art Exhibitions  

  • Re-imagining Conservation: From Many Viewpoints (2023) National Museum of Wildlife Art, WI, USA (curated by Creature Conserve) 
  • Cayman Islands Biennial (2019), National Galley of the Cayman Islands 
  • Traces: Reactivating the Curriculum (2018), National Gallery of the Cayman Islands 

Selected Conference Presentations  

  • Musser, C. (2023) Inspiring Future Generations Through STEAM, Growing Forward, Arizona Association of Environmental Education, AZ, USA   
  • Musser, C. (2023) How We Talk About Animals, Growing Forward, Arizona Association of Environmental Education, AZ, USA   
  • Musser, C. (2023) Empowering Students Through STEAM, Educate to Innovate, Arizona Science Center, AZ, USA 
  • Musser, C. (2022) What is STEAM Education, ROCKETS, Arizona Science Center, AZ, USA 
  • Cox, C. (2001) Ethical Underwater Photography, Visions Underwater Photography, London, UK