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Entering competitions isn’t just about winning; it can open up channels of communication with industry professionals, organisations and other practitioners. According to BA(Hons) Textile Design students, Megan Leech and Jordan Goodman, it can boost confidence too.

Recognised by the prestigious Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) for their exceptional weaving and print-making skills, Megan and Jordan were part of a group of Falmouth students who entered the SDC’s International Design Competition, South West of England Regional Heats.

Megan was a runner-up for the main prize, while Jordan received a Special Commendation. Lauren Henry and Alice Moore were also selected to represent Falmouth at the heats.

Megan told us: “It was rewarding to think that the judges were interested in my work. They were really positive about my approach to weaving and were excited about how I’m going to progress, so it was a good confidence boost.”

Jordan agreed: “It was a huge confidence boost to have been selected for the special commendation, out of a bunch of strong bodies of work. It enabled me to feel more motivated and psychologically prepared for life after leaving Falmouth University.” 

When asked what her advice would be for other students considering submitting to competitions, Megan said: “If you have the opportunity to enter one, do. Even if you don’t win, you get to meet other people doing similar things, you get your work out into the real world, and the judges are often really interesting to talk to and learn about as well.” 

Jordan advised: “Treat your work like it’s your child, regardless of if you think it isn’t good enough to win. Nobody will believe in it if you don’t believe yourself. It is also important to know your stuff regarding your project, especially if you did it some time ago. Go back and familiarise yourself, especially around technical knowledge and conceptual inspiration.”

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