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When Mollie Clothier drew up a list of places she'd like to be after graduating from Falmouth in 2017 with a degree in Photography, Cheltenham certainly wasn't on it.

Yet now she spends every single day doing what she loves; taking photographs. And, what's more, she's doing it for one of the UK's most iconic fashion brands, Superdry.

"Working for Superdry is amazing," she says. "I currently shoot products for the website and the lookbook, learning every single day. I had every intention of doing teacher training when I finished, but my degree gave me so much confidence in my ability, I decided to try and make it in the industry.

"I managed to secure a five-day placement with Superdry in August 2017 and they just kept on asking me to come back each week before employing me as a junior photographer. It's the dream start to my career."

Mollie tackled issues like mental health and anxiety through her work at Falmouth, leading to her being featured in exhibitions at the Tate Britain and the Old Truman Brewery in London.

"My projects always seemed to be focused around psychological themes surrounding mental health, and the way we not only perceive ourselves, but how we acknowledge each other," she says. "I was encouraged and given the freedom to experiment by the incredibly supportive lecturers and technicians, helping my confidence grow and grow.

"I never dreamed I'd be doing the job I do now," she adds. "And, without having the experience of my degree, I wouldn't have had the confidence to even apply for it. I love what I'm doing but I do miss the creative buzz of Falmouth and having a world of inspiration at my fingertips."

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