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Fashion and Textile Institute students’ final year portfolios will feature in the British Fashion Council’s (BFC) Digital Graduate Preview Day.

This is an annual event that underpins student support, helping them to transition from University to the world of work. Each year the event allows industry professionals to access the emerging talent from the UK's top fashion colleges as well as to foster relationships between graduates and the industry. This year it will take a new form, as a digital-only portfolio platform.

Congratulations to the students whose work will feature with the BFC; Hebe Knight, Conor Porter, Elly Gow, Howie Phillips and Kira Bolton. We caught up with some of them recently:

Hebe told us,

I’m honoured that the industry will get a chance to view my work. I am so pleased to have been selected, it feels like all my hard work is paying off and I’m excited to see what the future will bring

Kira added, "I am really pleased to have been selected and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have my portfolio work seen by industry professionals. I'm looking forward to what might happen in the future after completing such an unconventional final year at Falmouth."

Elly shared, “I am really excited for this opportunity. It’s really reassuring to know that the British Fashion Council are supportive of graduates and adapting to this particular situation, and I’m also so grateful for my tutors support in selecting my work to be shown on their platform. Thank you!”

Conor said, “Since being introduced to fashion, I have been inspired to create. Everything I see and everyone I meet inspires me to make beautiful, sustainable clothes that people will love to wear. My final year project focusses on distorting the silhouette and an awkwardness created by fighting gender roles caused by semiotics of clothing. I have designed a collection that forces you to look closer, to look past the norms and really study the garments.

Conor continued, “It is an incredible honour to be chosen for the British fashion council Selection and I look forward to what the platform becomes. I am thoroughly excited to be entering the fashion industry, although the entire world is in the midst of uncertainty, it has allowed me to think freely and open up new creative pathways which I can’t wait to explore”

John Boddy, Head of Fashion & Textiles at Falmouth, is proud of the students for this achievement, “We are delighted to share our students work with the BFC for this digital platform. The portfolios our students have produced are truly outstanding and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their work, build their network and gain professional exposure, which is essential when setting out in the fashion industry.”

The BFC will embed the students work on its website using ArtsThread. They will then facilitate conversations between designers, course leaders and the industry, inviting professionals and friends of the BFC to view the work and encourage them to support graduates; while simultaneously running editorial features where stand-out creatives will be promoted via BFC channels and beyond.

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