Students pack their bags for forthcoming Cultural Immersion programme

27 April 2022

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Falmouth’s students will be travelling across the world this summer as part of our exciting Cultural Immersion programme.

Students will be introduced to new ways of thinking and experience new cultures in Malaysia, Italy, Sweden and America during the four-week, academically led study trips.

The confirmation of the trips follows Falmouth’s successful application to the Turing Scheme. The Turing Scheme is the Government’s programme to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. It replaces the Erasmus programme following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Falmouth has been able to secure funding for 68 students to travel overseas this summer and is hoping to provide even more opportunities in the coming academic year.

The opportunity to study abroad is regularly championed as a life-shaping experience by those who are fortunate enough to take part. Spending time overseas will help students to see the world from a different perspective, bolster their independence, develop confidence and build friendships, as well as making them more attractive to employers.

Alex Mesterton-Gibbons, employer partnership manager at Falmouth University, believes that travelling overseas offers students a fantastic opportunity to develop their cultural awareness.

"Going abroad is the ultimate chance for our students to obtain a fresh outlook and inspiration from a new cultural setting”, Alex told us.

“They’ll have the opportunity to build their international awareness, become global citizens by reflecting on their own cultural biases, and recognise alternative viewpoints through collaborative projects.

“Through exposure to local art, design, food, and language, our students can take these new experiences and strengthen their cross-cultural awareness."


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