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HomeNewsStudent Receives Special Mention at British Wildlife Photography Awards
19 November 2018

Falmouth Stories

Student Receives Special Mention at British Wildlife Photography Awards

Ellie Stones, second year Marine & Natural History Photography student, has received a special mention at the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA).

Ellie was eighteen when she entered the competition, so she submitted her work to the Young Photographers category. A couple of her images were shortlisted but it was her photograph of a Corkwing Wrasse that got her the special mention.

Ellie told us: "It was really surprising to even get shortlisted in the competition to be honest! I remember getting a phone call saying I'd got a special mention and that my image was going in the BWPA 2018 book, which I was so chuffed about! It's very rewarding to know that there are actually people (other than your Nan) who believe in your images!"

Her photo was taken on a dive led by the University. It was her first encounter with a Corkwing Wrasse. Ellie noticed that it was collecting nesting materials, so she waited patiently in the same spot to watch as it gathered them.

Ellie added: "Being at uni has helped me grow so much as a photographer; I'm a lot more confident with my work, which is largely why I entered the competition! I'd never really entered any competitions before, but I've learnt it's so important to take a chance and get your work out there. As a photographer, I'm developing more and more every time I pick up a camera, and having the opportunity to develop my skills on the course is just amazing!"

Next year Ellie plans on submitting a project to the adult categories.