“Student journalists, we need you!”

22 October 2020

Mishal Husain on becoming a journalist

The BBC‘s Mishal Husain talked to Falmouth's MA Journalism course, about her career as a top journalist and radio presenter, swopping tips with Falmouth MA Lecturer Kevin Bishop on how to get a great interview.

Mishal recorded a video message addressed to everyone who may be considering a career in journalism, saying,

…we need you - however daunting, however unstable it looks in these changing times – please give it a shot!”

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Category: Interviews

At Falmouth Journalism we believe the profession is more important than ever. In an era of fake news and rampant conspiracy theories, good journalism training is essential to make sure the public has news and information they can trust.

At BA and MA level, we are educating the journalists of the future and with input from top media industry figures like Mishal Husain, we’re helping launch professionals with solid skills and a strong sense of mission.

Mishal adds, the skills you learn as a journalist in communication and successful messaging create a firm foundation for a career in the media and beyond.

“It’s worth it!” she says.

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