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Four Photography graduates have been shortlisted for this year's South West Graduate Photography Prize (SWGPP).

Established by creative media company Fotonow, SWGPP celebrates the photographic talent emerging from the South West, showcasing their work to a national audience. Graduates submitted work produced during their final year of study. The shortlisted photographers from Falmouth are:

• Molly Budd – The Chair Is Touching The Wall
• Jaime Molina – Gatherers
• Karl Davies – The Landscape of Consumption
• Amara Eno – The 25 Percent

Amara Eno, a Press & Editorial Photography graduate, submitted her project The 25 Percent, which explores the impact that single parent backgrounds have on children. Inspired by her own childhood and the representation of single parents in the media, Amara set out to offer single parents an outlet to express themselves.

She explained: "The title of the project derives from the statistic that I came across in the early stages of the project. It highlights the fact that approximately a quarter of households in the UK are headed by lone parents, a figure that has remained for over a decade.

"It feels encouraging to know that the work I am creating is having a positive impact. One-parent households were never a narrative that I saw being addressed growing up and I am really excited to exhibit the work alongside such an outstanding group of photographers."

Molly Budd, speaking on her images and her time at Falmouth, said: "Prior to starting this project, I had been studying the body and the isolated figure for the majority of my time at university. The Chair Is Touching The Wall is an emotive response regarding the structural barrier of physical and metamorphic spatial confines.

"Falmouth is a very collaborative environment has amazing facilities, the Institute of Photography especially encourages the use of analogue photography which I think has really helped me to understand the expanse of photographic experimentation.

"I have found Cornwall and much of the South West very artistically influential and I am very proud to have been a part of this community for three years."

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