Meet the women bridging the digital divide

12 March 2021

Digital drawing of satellites in space
Connected Healthcare - Satellite image
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Category: Research, Innovation

The Connected Health Care (CHC) project seeks to provide a digital infrastructure for primary care, secondary care and service users in rural communities via secure satellite connections. The innovative project is led by Senior Research Fellow Anna Mankee-Williams.

Following a 2019 announcement that the NHS would undergo a ‘digital transformation’, Anna’s team set to work to ensure that a strong digital infrastructure would be in place for residents in Cornwall and other areas of the UK who live in digital blind spots.

The project  looks to apply satellite communications, intelligent routing and delay tolerant networking within a digital infrastructure to the health care sector.

Twelve of Anna’s fifteen team members are women, all with varied backgrounds, skillsets and life experiences. Between them, they have experience working in geophysics, volcanology, neuroscience, healthcare and the charity sector.

Here are some of the women who’ve joined forces to fight for digital equality and a more accessible NHS.

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