MA Film & TV Course Leader Thrives in International Feminist Research Collaborations

30 January 2020

MA Film & Television Thrives in International Feminist Research Collaborations web story
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This month, MA Film & Television Course Leader, Dr Anna Misiak travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania, where at film event Slow Screenings, she delivered an invited lecture about her project Women Under Communism.

With funding from the Leverhulme Trust, in this open-access website, Anna showcased archive materials presenting the most prolific female filmmakers who, under Communism, managed to develop vibrant and pioneering directing careers at the Documentary Film Studio in Warsaw.

The event took place in January 2020 and was organised by Media Education and Research Center' Meno avilys', the leading non-profit organisation in film, media and education research in Lithuania.

This week, Anna's feminist research voice was also heard through the new issue of MAI Feminism & Visual Culture, an online journal she co-founded with Dr Anna Backman Rogers, an award-winning feminist scholar from Gothenburg University in Sweden in 2017.

Conceived as a global, interdisciplinary platform, MAI first aimed to invigorate feminist scholarship by bridging the gap between written work and creative practice as research. Over two years of its existence, MAI has itself become an entangled practical research project in promoting quality scholarship outside of the paid publishing market. The journal has achieved over half a million online visits.

The latest issue of MAI has just been published. It focuses on Higher Education pedagogy and presents useful classroom toolkits, research articles, book reviews and a portfolio of feminist student work. It also features an experimental film and a self-reflective essay by BA(Hons) Film student Natalia Brammen.

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