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As a freelance cameraman working closely with household names such as Channel 4 and National Geographic, Jackson Wardle has left his footprint across the globe.

In his latest projects, Jackson has been documenting Ben Fogle's trips across icy tundra and scorching deserts in his Channel 5 series New Lives in the Wild and Jimmy Doherty's investigation into what we eat in Food Unwrapped. After returning home from shooting in New Zealand, Jackson spoke to us about his experience within the industry.

"I started my own freelance company called Jackson-cam and began working closely with Renegade Pictures, who produce high-end factual TV for Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well a host of other broadcasters.

As Director of Photography, Jackson is responsible for the imagery that appears on the television screen. His work has reached audiences watching the Premier League, 20th Century Fox, the BBC, the Food Network and an even wider range of television broadcasters.

On his years at Falmouth, he reflected, "As a local for eighteen years, I knew that this was a fantastic place to study and be creative, so I decided to stay for my university education.

"Film helped me to understand filmic language, the intricacies of cinema and subtle persuasion using Images. The aspects of composition, shot choice and following the right story became increasingly apparent through my studies.

"The importance of what I have learnt becomes ever more apparent throughout my career, as I can see the value of my course shining through the more I shoot."

You can view more of Jackson's work on his website, or visit his Instagram page @jacko_cam.

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