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Fine Art graduate Becky Thorns has just finished her first book commission, which will be published in the new year.

Becky, who has been building her portfolio and working freelance as an illustrator since she graduated in 2015, was commissioned by publishers Little Gestalten to illustrate, The World of Whales, written by Darcy Dobell.

Becky said: "Darcy is a great author of scientific textbooks and articles aimed at younger readers, she also advises organisations on how to protect the oceans. The publishers got in touch with me and invited me to pitch for illustrating the book, which is aimed at readers aged 5 plus so heavily illustrated and fun!"

In the book children will learn about whales, their behaviour and environment, and how we can help protect them for future generations.

Becky explained: "I've lived in Cornwall for eight years so the sea has become very dear to my heart by now – making this book a real labour of love. I really wanted the illustrations to evoke a sense of this variety and story so that you could really feel where the whales live while also being given a glimpse of their unique characters, from the playful dolphin to the right whale, who I'm certain would suit a monocle!

"Each spread is its own story and from the beginning I wanted to include a lot of small details for the readers to discover, from other fish and crabs hiding in the seaweed to the texture and detail of the whales themselves. It feels amazing to have worked on such a beautiful and interesting book. I can't wait for the release in early February in Great Britain and really hope lots of children not only find a new lovely book to read but also learn more and get excited about our oceans and the giants in it."

Becky takes a lot of inspiration from being outside and adventuring: "I actually illustrated most of the book while travelling with my husband around the world, from South East Asia to the Italian Dolomites. This gave me the chance to take lots of inspiration from the cultures around me; the people, colours and textures, and especially the natural world."

Becky has more book-related projects in the pipeline, which she hopes to be able to share soon.

The World of Whales will be available at gestalten.com and in selected book and concept stores worldwide from 28 January for £16.95.

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